The Seasons of Hunting

“I vow to love you even during hunting season.”

There is ALWAYS something to hunt. Seriously. 365 days a year! Every state and county have their own seasons for hunting each species of animal. So, if you’re heading out to hunt, do your research. There are lots of details and it changes from county to county and then again each year.

A hunting season is the time allowed by a state to lawfully harvest an animal to be taken with a specific method (rifle, archery, muzzleloader). Whether it’s dove, deer or turkey, or archery or rifle, there’s  a season for most species and methods of take. If there is not a season for a particular animal, such as hogs, coyotes and exotics, you can harvest those year ‘round, but always check your state’s regulations.

By definition, open season is the time allowed to harvest a certain species and closed season is the time you are not allowed to harvest.

There can be lots of details and it changes from county to county, and from year to year. Generally speaking, a season starts around the same time in most places within a state, but don’t be surprised if it starts a week earlier or later in other places. There are places in Texas where turkey season, for instance, starts two weeks earlier than others.

For example, half of our hunting lease is in one county and the other half is in another county; you have to know where you are and what the laws are. There are fluctuations in what you can and cannot shoot per county. Check your local parks and wildlife for guidelines.

Y’all, I’m a Texas girl, so these are “general” seasons for Texas:

Dove: September – October and December – January

White-tailed Deer: October – January

Mule Deer: November – December

Turkey: November – January and March – May

Pheasant: December

Quail: October – February

There is not a season for invasive animals (this includes hogs) and non-native species (exotic species such as aoudad, blackbuck, axis deer, etc.). This means that you can shoot them any time of year, and shoot as many as you’d like.

What’s your favorite hunting season?

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