Everything You Need to Know About 3D Archery Shoots

Laura Coppola // April 7

Now that the weather is getting nice, it is time to take your bow outside! 3D archery shoots are a great way to practice shooting and prep for the upcoming bow season.

3D Archery Shoots

For those of you who don’t know, 3D archery shoots consist of a number of targets. Outdoor and indoor 3D archery shoots are set up a little differently in terms of where you shoot from, but both offer a unique variety of targets (e.g. different animals). If you are outside, the targets are typically set along a trail in the woods. If you are inside, the targets are scattered throughout an area with tough angles and obstacles. You’ll get a scorecard at the beginning so you can keep track of the points scored on each target.

3d archery shoot

Outdoor 3D Archery Shoots

For outdoor 3D archery shoots, you start at the first target with your group (that you create). For me, it is just my husband and I but I have seen groups of up to six. You each get one shot at the target before moving on to the next. Each target has stakes that indicate where you should stand to take the shot. For example, the traditional archery stake is usually closer to the target compared to the compound bow stake. You’ll be told which stake you are shooting from at the beginning of the shoot.

Of course, you can always choose what stake you’d like to shoot from depending on the shot (as long as you aren’t shooting competitively). Sometimes, I prefer to test out the shorter shot, and other times, the designated shot is further than my bow is sighted in so I shoot from a stake closer to the target. In the end, you’ll submit your scores (if you choose) and can later see how you rank against your peers. There are different ways to score so make sure you clarify which method to use prior to beginning.

Indoor 3D Archery Shoots

Indoor 3D archery shoots are set up in a single room. In my experience, the stakes for each target are all set at the same spot across the floor (i.e. you can’t select to shoot from a closer stake). Instead, the targets are scattered and other targets become the obstacles you have to avoid shooting. Indoor archery shoots are a great way to stay active during the winter months.

3d archery shoot

Although I enjoy indoor archery shoots, I’m a much bigger fan of outdoor shoots. They allow you to spend time in nature, get some exercise with a hike, and you get to test out shooting on different terrains.

Not all 3D archery courses are accessible during archery shoots. There are a number of archery shops that have a 3D archery range set up year-round. I am lucky enough to have a 3D range close by so my family and I spend quite a few evenings at the range hiking and shooting. It is such a fun way to get out in the woods with the family. My husband and I still keep score and it becomes a nice competition between the two of us.

Some larger and more notable 3D archery shoots include the Rinehart R100 and Total Archery Challenge. I have done the Rinehart R100 and it was a blast. They have multiple courses with different themes (e.g. African Safari) and you are sure to shoot so many arrows that you’ll be sore!

To find archery shoots, follow archery shoots pages on Facebook. I found a page for Wisconsin Archery Shoots and that is how I stay aware of shoots each weekend.

Regardless of your skill level, I encourage you to try out a 3D archery shoot this summer!

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