Our Purpose is Simple

At Miss Pursuit, our purpose is simple: To inspire women to pursue an extraordinary outdoor lifestyle by creating an online hub of information and inspiration through useful and inspiring content—expertly curated and tailor-made for our readers. 

As the fastest-growing online community for women in the outdoors, we are igniting a passion for the outdoors in women and sharing the intimate journey of women’s pursuits and their love for the outdoors. We’ve brought together a team of skilled contributors to communicate their knowledge of an outdoor lifestyle through a relatable and engaging approach.

We inform, inspire, connect, educate and share an intimate journey of the outdoors.

  • Educate new and beginner outdoorsmen so they have a place to learn, where they will not be overwhelmed with the advanced and technical side of the outdoor world.
  • Provide information to women who want to get outside and not feel intimidated.
  • Inspire city girls and not-so-outdoorsy girls to be comfortable in the outdoors.
  • Connect non-outdoorsmen with an understanding of the true value of conservation and stewardship of our land and wildlife.
  • Encourage families to spend time outside.
  • Provide an educational setting where women of all walks and skill levels feel comfortable learning about the outside world.

We’re eager to share our pursuits and love for the outdoors and can’t wait to take you on our journey!

Carly Brasseux, CEO & Founder

Carly Brasseux is a determined and passionate business owner and social media/marketing consultant, published author, and freelance outdoor writer based in Texas. In a world where women are the fastest growing segment of the hunting population, she is a major proponent of those women who want to learn more about the outdoors and hunting. Her handle, Miss Pursuit, is an expression of her enthusiasm for all things outdoors, from educating women through her experiences learning to hunt over the last decade, to getting out with her kids to explore the wild. Her expertise in social media and marketing, as well as her vast network of experts in the outdoor industry, have given her the influence to make an impact for lots of women. She’s a member of Mule Deer Foundation, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, Stewards of the Wild and the Texas Wildlife Association.

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