90 Facts About Exotic Hoofstock and Conservation

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You hear a lot of chatter and smack-talk about Texas’ high-fenced ranches and our exotic hoofstock. On a recent MeatEater podcast recorded in Dallas, TX, Steve Rinella made jokes straight out of the gate about it and the audience clapped in agreement.

As a new hunter, I was taught that exotic wildlife is harmful to our native animals. I am blessed that I was able to write for the Exotic Wildlife Association and learn the true benefits of exotic hoofstock. In fact, exotic wildlife is a $1 billion industry supporting over 14,000 jobs. Most importantly, we are saving and conserving these exotics from extinction. Many of the exotics in the U.S. are extinct in their native ecosystems yet are thriving here.

Here are 90 things I learned:

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Exotic Hoofstock and Conservation

Sharing is Caring

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