Authentic Hunting: Be Unapologetically You

Sharing is Caring

Take the shot, or let the animal pass by.

Hands shaking? Heart pounding? Tears rolling? Perfectly normal.

Did you miss? Who hasn’t?

Hunt from a tree stand, a ground blind, a saddle, behind a bush. Don’t sweat it.

Wear name-brand camo, or hand-me-downs. Heck. Wear blue jeans and flannel.

authentic hunting

Wash your hair with your regular shampoo.  But be sure you hunt the wind correctly.

The brand of bow or firearm is not important; the appropriate caliber, broad head and draw weight is.

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Did you practice? If not, do it.

Settled for a doe instead of that boomer (where legal)? Who cares?

Field dress, gutless, de-bone in the field. Hang head up or down, dry age, cold age, don’t age. There is no wrong way.

Before you act, is it legal? Is it ethical? Would you be proud? If yes, proceed.

What standards are you holding yourself to when you are hunting? Who, if anyone, are you trying to impress? Why do you feel that you need to harvest any animal other than the one you came home with?

We share our success online. What for? To gloat? Or to simply share? To be prideful? You worked your rear end off. Your trophy is your success.

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Stop allowing the other’s opinions to ruin what you believed to be your best effort. Your sweat, blood, and energy are yours and no one else’s.

We cannot control what others believe to be the appropriate animal harvested. I guarantee they’ve missed, eaten tag soup, or settled on less than they set out for a time or two.

Don’t apologize or make concessions for the inches of antler or pounds of flesh in your hands when you share SUCCESS on any platform, in any room, for any audience.

Be unapologetically you.

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Sharing is Caring

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