The Best Female Outdoor Photographers and Artists You Need to Follow

People upload an average of 1.8 billion digital images every single day. That’s 657 billion photos per year. Wow! We know social media is the place to show off your beautiful photographs and these women are dominating behind the camera.

Grab your phone, tablet, or laptop and follow along with these women photographers and artists in the outdoor industry.

Katie Cooney Website | Instagram

Katie is an adventure and outdoor photographer as well as a printmaker and painter focused on endangered landscapes, ecosystems, and critters.

Shannon Corsi Website | Facebook | Instagram

Shannon is a commercial and editorial photographer working out of Teton Valley, ID, Jackson, WY, Bozeman, MT, and anywhere in between. She documents the hard work, process, and stories behind small businesses, photo essays of outdoor adventures, and portraits that go beyond looking beautiful.

Chelsea Hansler Website | Facebook | Instagram

Chelsea’s talent is amazing to watch through her ‘Gram. She lives a simple, country life by hunting, gathering and growing her own food.

Ashlee Strange Instagram

Ashlee is based in New Zealand. She is a keen hunter, mother, and outdoors woman.

Meghan Young Website | Instagram | Twitter

Meghan is a Seattle-based photographer and writer with a focus on stories centered around outdoor adventure, human-powered travel, and the deep connections inspired by wild places in cultures across the globe.

Emily Schaad Instagram

Emily is an Ohio born and raised bowhunter, photographer, wildlife manager and influencer.

Bethany Sonsini Goodrich Website | Instagram

Bethany is a multimedia storyteller living, loving and working in Southeast Alaska.

Paulina Dao Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Paulina is a full time adventurer with an intense love of climbing and backpacking. She shares stories about what the outdoors truly look like and protecting our wild spaces, and with a whole lot of spunk and sass.

Sierra Gibson Instagram

Sierra lives in Western Kentucky, loves the outdoors and meeting new people who share her same passion.

Tricia Kaiser Instagram | YouTube

Tricia is based out of Michigan and is an outdoor photographer and avid outdoorswoman.

Katie Lozancich Website | Instagram

Katie is a writer, photographer, and artist based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She explores stories of community and inclusion on two wheels.

Arika Website | Instagram | Pinterest

Arika has 3 kids, a camera and a major love for all things outdoors. She specializes in couples and family photography in Zion National Park and southern Utah.

Alison Takacs Instagram | YouTube

Alison loves to hike and travel in her RV! Photography and videography are passions of hers, so you can expect to see Alison stopping to find an awesome scene on her hikes and other adventures.

Ashley Rogers Instagram

Archer, photographer and a lover of the outdoors, Ashley offers a page of beautiful photos.

Courtney Ogden Website | Instagram

If you’re interested in looking at stunning outdoor hunting photography and big game (along with cute snaps of her dog), Courtney Ogden is a must follow.

Hattie Hackler Instagram

Hattie is a deep east Texas camper, hiker and photographer.

Tara Banks Instagram

Tara is located in Montana and is a hunter, personal trainer, and artist.

Andrea Slusarski Website | Instagram

Andrea is an artist and educator from Denver, Colorado. Inspired by the lines found in nature and carved through snow, Andrea’s sketchbooks are filled with the images and words connected throughout the landscapes she explores.

Mariah Reading Website | Instagram

Mariah is a landscape painter/ eco-artist from Bangor, ME. Throughout her travels to national parks and protected landscapes, Reading creates traditional impressionist paintings on non-traditional surfaces (trash) in order to depict the harms of pollution and climate change.

Haley Badenhop Instagram

Haley specializes in art and adventures, mostly painting murals & traveling around the world.

Brooklyn Bell Website | Instagram

Brooklyn is a graphic design student who spends a lot of time outdoors. her art/designs are a reflection of this passion.

L. Renee Blount Website | Instagram

L.R. is a grad of Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. As a consultant, she mixes her love of innovation & tech, adventure, research and visual storytelling.

Tana Hoffman Website | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest

Tana Hoffman is the Founder of, a premium women-specific gear rental service based out of western Wyoming.

Natalie Starr Website | Instagram | Twitter

Natalie is a cycling and lifestyle photographer based in Denver, CO.

Wild Gina Instagram

Gina is capturing nature as a director, photographer and writer.

Who is your favorite female artist and outdoor photographer?

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