Celebrate Good Times this National Outdoors Day

Bridget Blake // May 17

In our house, we celebrate everything!! Side note: we even make up our own holidays sometimes (shout out to “Happy Broccoli Day”). While I can’t take credit for National Outdoors Day, I can tell you some of the new ways we are getting outdoors!!

Celebrate National Outdoors Day

  1. Trash Pickup One of my personal favorites is trash pickup. Grab a pair of gloves and a trash bag and stroll outside looking for and picking up trash. We always pick places we enjoy the most and do our part to keep it nice and clean. The kids get really into it and love to compete to see who can find more trash. Heck, grab a neighbor or your bestie and bring them along as well!!
  2. Victory Garden Historically, during war times, people have been encouraged to plant victory gardens to boost morale. Starting a community garden is a great way to get outside and to expand your green thumb with sustainable living and find new people to have great conversations with. Don’t want to start one? Check out your local town/college who may have one started. If you still are working with a black thumb and a community garden is a little out of your league, start with trying to grow something in your back (or front, or side,) yard. Do Mother Nature a favor and just grow something.
  3. Volunteer Philanthropy is cool AND a great way to get outdoors. Finding a place to volunteer at an outdoor park, recreation area, or animal rescue is always appreciated. Use your current talents or take the opportunity to explore something new. 
  4. Join A Club Want to try a new activity? Join a club! What better way to learn than just diving right into it?! From outdoors clubs to adventure clubs and from shooting to sailing, there are limitless options to get outdoors. A group of individuals to play with makes the experience even better.
  5. Hit A New Trail We recently made a family pact to check one new trail off our list every month. Explore the world around you, soak in that Vitamin D, and take a deep breath of that clear air. I tend to choose ones with water activities too. Plus, going for a new trail instead of one you frequent will change up the scenery and provide you with the feeling of being a little more adventurous.
  6. Stargaze As a mom, getting my kids to lay down at all is a win. Finding an activity outside where we get to lay down and is peaceful? I am ALL in. Also, there are really cool apps now that help identify which constellations you’re looking at. Grab a blanket, lay outside, and just enjoy the stars and planets around you.
  7. Throw A National Outdoors Day Party Don’t we all love a good party?! Use National Outdoors Day to get some of your favorite people together to celebrate. Host a scavenger hunt for the kids (or adults,) turn on the sprinkler, build a late-night fire, and have a backyard barbeque using all that meat you have been hunting in the winter months. Obviously outdoor-themed parties only, please.
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However you like the outdoors, just get outside.  Whatever you do, it’s always worth it, especially on National Outdoors Day.

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Bridget Blake

Bridget Blake is a Nurse Practitioner and business consultant based out of Florida. With a life goal of a wasteLESS wilderness, she is a proponent of sustainability, natural living, and making sure her two kiddos grow up as free-range as possible. Although new to hunting, she is passionate about learning new skills and sharing them with those who also want to learn. Bridget is dedicated to becoming a wilderness expert and teaching others how to coexist with the world around them.