Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids: The Ultimate Guide

Carly Brasseux // October 14
Looking for the perfect gifts for outdoorsy kids? This list has the best options for both boys and girls who love to have a blast outdoors or are exceptionally active and love some indoor play as well! I love to stock up on gifts to always have on hand when a birthday party pops up or I need a last-minute kid’s gift. Between the holidays and birthdays, you can never have too many ideas stored away for when you need a quick gift. *Side Note: I HIGHLY recommend getting an Amazon Prime subscription AND going ahead and downloading Temu. My two life savers!*

This is my top list of gifts that will get outdoorsy kids off the couch, off the screen, and entertained!

I am a participant in affiliate programs. I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this website. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real information about hunting and the outdoors. Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids: The Ultimate Guide

Kid's Waders from HISEA

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids Elevate your child's outdoor escapades with kid waders – the perfect gift for little adventurers! Providing waterproof protection, these waders empower young ones to explore streams, fish, and make a splash without hesitation. Ensure their comfort and safety, and watch as they dive into a world of excitement and outdoor discovery! Buy It On Amazon

Little Experimenter Night Vision Binoculars

20 Outdoor Gifts for Active and Outdoorsy Kids _T My kids were obsessed with these night vision binoculars! They are easy for kids to hold, and the large, comfortable eyecups mold snugly on little faces. Kids love taking ‘em along on outdoor adventures and fun nighttime explorations. Priced around $18. Buy It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu

Personalized Sunglasses from Groovy Guy Gifts

best gifts for outdoorsy kid Rock that vintage, sun-kissed Cali look with Groovy Guy Gifts personalized sunglasses! Priced at $24.99, these shades bring a touch of nostalgia with a hint of a salty breeze. Personalize them to add a super fun and unique touch, making them the perfect accessory for any sunny day. Embrace the groovy vibes and shield your eyes in style with these custom sunglasses that capture the essence of laid-back California cool. I bought pairs for my FIL, boyfriend and son! Buy It Now

Little Gardener Tool Set

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids Unlock the wonders of nature for your outdoorsy kids with the Little Gardener Tool Set! Packed with a watering can, gloves, shovel, rake, fork, and a convenient tote bag, this set transforms gardening into a joyous adventure. Inspire creativity, teach responsibility, and foster a lifelong love for the great outdoors. A gift that blooms endless possibilities! Priced around $20. Buy It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu

Kids Patagonia Puffer Jacket

girls patagonia pink jacket The Kids Patagonia Puffer Jacket is the perfect gift for your little explorer. Combining warmth and style, this jacket ensures comfort in any weather. Durable and lightweight, it's an ideal companion for every outdoor escapade, keeping your adventurous kid cozy and ready for the next thrilling expedition. Priced at $139. Buy It At Patagonia

Binoculars for Kids

We've already mentioned kids binoculars, but here is another pair we recommend. I'd say these are more for “older” kids. Monkey see, monkey do – love having my kids imitate me while we're glassing for wildlife. You can buy on Temu for under $6 or Amazon has similar for around $25. Buy It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu

50 Hikes with Kids Texas 

gifts for outdoorsy kid Adventure is for everyone, no matter how young the explorer, and 50 Hikes with Kids Texas reveals the most child-friendly hikes in the Lone Star State! All hikes are under five miles with an elevation gain of 900 feet or less and are accompanied by detailed maps, fun attractions to see, bathroom access, and places to grab a bite nearby. Shop It Now

Kids Crafts

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids Empower your daughters with Kids Crafts, a line of craft kits that not only sparks creativity but also celebrates trailblazing females. Fostering a sense of empowerment, these kits encourage young voices to be heard. Plus, supporting a woman-owned small business adds a meaningful touch to your gift, making it both inspiring and impactful. Shop It Now


su Unveil affordable cool with Sunnies – starting at just $25! These polarized sunglasses for kids and adults bring a touch of style to beach days, winter activities, and outdoor walks. Grab the matching mom and daughter Cat-titude style for a trendy family vibe, making every adventure picture-perfect and glare-free! Shop It Now

Bullseye Bow Kids Bow and Arrow Set

Unleash the best in archery for your young adventurer! Priced around $40, this set stands out with a center guide hole, ensuring easy and consistent shooting to enhance accuracy. Available in various colors, it's the perfect gift to ignite a passion for precision in your little marksman. Shop It Now

Hummingbird Feeder

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids Experience the joy of hummingbirds with this delightful feeder, priced around $18! Adults appreciate the beauty, while kids love mixing the sugar water and witnessing these enchanting birds in flight. Make your home a haven for these colorful creatures, adding a touch of wonder to every day. Shop It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu

Aqua Lily Pad Original Floating Water Mat

outdoorsy kid gifts Meet the Aqua Lily Pad Floating Water Mat – the ultimate water playground for the family! This lightweight 18-foot mat is perfect for lake days, accommodating 9 to 10 adults. Built with durable foam, it's easy to roll up, store, and unroll on the water. Dive into endless water fun with the Aqua Lily Pad! Priced at $600. Shop It On Amazon

Blacklight Flashlight

scorpion hunting Discover the magic of the night with blacklight flashlights! Did you know scorpions glow under blacklight? Priced at $12.99 for a six-pack, these flashlights make perfect stocking stuffers for little adventurers. Send your kiddos on a scorpion ‘hunt' in the evening and watch their excitement glow as they uncover nature's hidden wonders. Shop It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu


Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids Stay connected on every outdoor escapade with Walkie-Talkies! Priced around $20, these 2-way radios feature a flashlight and LCD screen, offering a 3-mile radius of communication. Perfect for all kids' adventures, these walkie-talkies ensure seamless coordination and endless fun on every exploration. Shop It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu

Instant Snow

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids Priced around $15, instant snow lets kids enjoy snow year around. Just add water, and watch as snow erupts instantly. It's a little messy, a lot slippery, but the joy it brings makes it the perfect, unexpected delight for your little ones. Shop It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu

Minelab Metal Detectors

gifts for outdoorsmen Minelab makes metal detectors for beginners and kids. Your kids will LOVE this gift to get (and keep) them outside! Minelab is perfect for summer fun, vacations, hikes, diving, and beach hunting. Oh, and mom and dad get to play with it, too! Shop It On Amazon

Trekassy Saucer Tree Swing

gifts for outdoorsy kids Experience outdoor fun with the Trekassy Saucer Tree Swing! This sturdy swing features a tight weave fabric seat, accommodating 3 kids or two adults and holding up to 700 pounds. The swing straps are included, offering flexible installation for 360° rotation or flying back and forth. My kids have both been playing with this for years! Priced at $70. Shop It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu

Gymnastics Bar We bought this for my daughter when she was pretty young and this is still a toy she uses after years of play! A gymnastics bar is great indoors or out. They are height-adjustable so they'll work for younger, older and in between kiddos. Shop It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu

Big Dipper Sleeping Bag

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids Gifts for Outdoorsy Woman Cozy up under the stars with the Big Dipper Sleeping Bag! Priced around $20, these are perfect for backyard camping adventures. Set up a tent, toss in a couple of sleeping bags, and relish a brief moment of quiet before the inevitable ‘I need something' stage. Create lasting memories with these affordable and snug sleeping companions for your kiddos! Shop It On Amazon

10 Amazing Animal Books for Kids

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids Explore the wild wonders of the animal kingdom with our curated list of 10 Amazing Animal Books for Kids! Whether your little one dreams of being a hunter or a conservationist, these books offer exciting and educational adventures. Find Them All On Our Blog

Kids Fishing Pole

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids Equip your young angler for endless adventures with their very own fishing pole! A must-have for boys and girls, these colorful poles are priced around $30. Ensure your child's fishing excitement by always having a pole at the ready – because, let's face it, the best fishing moments happen when you're prepared and spontaneous! Shop It On Amazon

Camping Hammock

Holiday Gifts for Outdoorsmen Introduce playful adventure with a camping hammock – a fantastic portable delight! Priced around $30, it's not just a hammock; it's a stage for kids to play, swing, and unleash their inner little monkeys. While relaxation might not be its primary use for them, the joy it brings is absolutely priceless! Shop It on Amazon

Little Experimenter Illuminated Globe

gifts for kids who love outdoors We love toys from Little Experimenter. This is a detailed educational globe with easy-to-read labels so your outdoorsy kid can see all the places they have (and want!) to visit. It also lights up, so we use it for a nightlight, too. It's the perfect gift for kids and even teens. Priced at just $15. Shop It on Amazon

Wax Lips and Mustaches

gifts for outdoorsy kids Wax lips and mustaches are an absolute blast! Trust me, the fun is undeniable (well maybe not for my daughter!). Add a whimsical touch to your day with these quirky accessories that guarantee laughter and playfulness. Go ahead, indulge in the joy of silly expressions. Shop It on Amazon

Venture Pal Lightweight Backpack The Venture Pal 35L Ultralight Backpack is durable, lightweight, and perfect for travel or outdoor activities. Weighing only 0.7lb and offering 35 liters of space, it's an ideal travel companion. Shop It on Amazon

Little Hotties Hand Warmers

gifts for fisherman who has everything gifts ideas for outdoorsmen No winter adventure is complete without them. Priced at $17.50 for 10 pairs, these hand warmers are a must-have stash for chilly days. Keep the warmth handy and ensure your outdoor escapades stay cozy and comfortable. No explanations needed – just warm hands and happy hearts! Shop It on Amazon

Little Tikes Real Wood Adventures Outdoor Glamping House

Enjoy backyard playtime with the Little Tikes Real Wood Adventures Outdoor Glamping House! This charming playhouse boasts a 25 sq. ft. canvas-covered haven and a 35 sq. ft. raised wooden deck. A perfect outdoor retreat for kids, sparking imaginative adventures right in your backyard. Glamp it up for endless fun and creativity! Shop It On Amazon

Rain and Hiking Boots

I get my kids new rain and hiking boots once a year (they grow too darn fast)! Of course, perfect for the rain, but these are what we wear to the ranch to get sloppy, muddy, and dirty in! Find Them All On Our Blog Find Them All On Our Amazon List

Yeti In My Spaghetti

Add a dash of silly fun to family game nights with ‘Yeti in My Spaghett'.' Priced around $10, this delightful game is not only perfect for family bonding but makes an excellent birthday gift too. Stock up on the laughter, and enjoy countless memorable moments with this whimsical tabletop adventure! Shop It On Amazon


Stay safe in style with BLINGSTING! We adore the mini personal safety alarm. From my keychain to my kids' playtime, these alarms add an extra layer of security during our adventures. With cute styles and priced at $20, they make for excellent and fashionable stocking stuffers! Shop It On Amazon

Eastern Jungle Gym Horse Glider Swing

swing set ideas for kids Extend outdoor playtime with the Eastern Jungle Gym Horse Glider Swing. A back-to-back glider that promotes shared fun, keeping kids engaged outdoors. Priced at $79, it's a fantastic addition to any backyard, fostering active play and the joy of sharing adventures under the open sky. Shop It On Amazon

Strider Balance Bike

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids Set your young adventurer on the path to biking success with the Strider Balance Bike. Ideal for outdoor play, my son mastered it at 18 months, seamlessly transitioning to a big kid bike this summer without training wheels. Priced around $120, it's the perfect investment in their biking journey and outdoor fun! Find Similar On Temu Shop It On Amazon

Matching Mom / Daughter Swimsuits from PATPAT My daughter thought this was the coolest ever. We pranced and sassed all over with our matching PATPAT swimsuits. They offer matching outfits and all around super cheap and cute clothing options for babies, toddlers, and kids. Shop It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu

Kids Camping Gear

Looking to embark on a family camping adventure? Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a first-time explorer, equipping your little ones with the right gear is crucial for a successful outdoor experience. From tents to sleeping bags, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 kids camping gear recommendations that will make your next camping trip a breeze. Find Them All On Our Blog Find Them All On Our Amazon List

Ski Like A Girl

gifts for outdoorsy kid Ski Like a Girl is more than just a brand – it’s a movement. Stemming from the heart of a devoted father with three daughters who saw a need for female empowerment in the skiing community, this brand is not just redefining ski fashion but making significant strides in social impact. With a wide range of sweatshirts, t-shirts and beanies each sporting the unique Ski Like a Girl logo, the brand champions the essence of strength, intelligence and audacity. Shop It Now

Princess Stamp Craft Set

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids Introducing the Melissa & Doug Princess Stamp Craft Set, a delightful gift for the creative and outdoorsy young princess in your life! This enchanting set includes 9 charming stamps, a vibrant 2-color washable inkpad, and 5 colored pencils, providing endless possibilities for imaginative crafting. Ideal for indoor play on cozy days, this craft set not only sparks creativity but also encourages artistic expression without the need for screens. Priced at around $10, it's an affordable and enchanting way to keep your little one engaged in imaginative adventures. Let the outdoor-inspired creativity bloom with this magical stamp set! Shop It On Amazon

Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

I want my kids outside. I want them outside as much as they can possibly be. Running, jumping, laughing, and yelling – it can’t be done inside. Invest in the best outdoor toys. Turn the outdoors into an adventure.

Here are a few of the best outdoor toys for kids to make sure you have family fun all year long.

Find Them All On Our Blog

Denim Dress

holiday gifts for outdoorsy kids Introducing the denim dress – the timeless fashion piece that brings out the cute and stylish charm in every girl. This versatile and adorable dress is a wardrobe essential, offering both comfort and a fashionable look. Priced at just $10, it's an affordable and delightful addition to any young fashionista's collection. Whether paired with sneakers for outdoor play or dressed up with accessories for a special occasion, the denim dress is a go-to choice that ensures your little one is always on-trend and ready for any adventure. Because who can resist the cuteness of a girl in a denim dress? Shop It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu

Mermaid Swimsuit | Costume

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids Dive into the magic with this mermaid swimsuit/costume! Ideal for pool days or imaginative dress-up play, this enchanting outfit is sure to make a splash. Priced at $16, it is crafted for comfort and style, the swimsuit's mermaid design sparks creativity during aquatic adventures, while its dual-purpose allows your daughter to effortlessly transition from poolside fun to captivating underwater realms during “dress up” time. Watch as her imagination takes flight with this delightful and budget-friendly mermaid swimsuit that's perfect for both water play and fantastical adventures. Shop It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu

Slackers Zipline Kit

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids Transform your backyard into a thrilling adventure zone with the Slackers Zipline Kit! This exciting outdoor set is the perfect way to bring a sense of adventure to your backyard. Packed with everything you need, from sturdy materials to easy-to-follow instructions, this zipline kit ensures hours of outdoor fun for every kid. Unleash the spirit of outdoor exploration and create lasting memories with the Slackers Zipline Kit – where backyard bliss meets adrenaline-pumping fun! Shop It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu

National Geographic Kids’ Books

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids We personally love the Predators Collection and Ocean Animals Collection. Great for bedtime reading, these books keep the kiddos asking numerous questions about wildlife. Priced around $8. Shop It On Amazon

Fun Helmet for Kids

gifts for outdoorsy kid Grab a super fun helmet that ensures both protection and fun with an eye-catching design. With safety in mind, find one that features reliable impact resistance and comfortable padding. Let your child ride, skate, or scoot with confidence while adding a touch of excitement to their safety gear. Shop It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu

Treeture Creatures and Flowerbuds

Holiday Gifts for Outdoorsmen Discover the enchanting world of nature with Marian Hawkins' captivating Treeture Creatures and Flowerbuds series! Through the perfect blend of rhythmic prose, breathtaking illustrations, and fascinating facts, these books inspire young minds to embark on explorations of the wonders of the natural world. Immerse your child in the magic of nature and exploration with these beautifully crafted books that spark curiosity and appreciation for the wonders of our environment. Shop It On Amazon

Being A Girl

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids “Being A Girl” is not just a book; it's a treasure trove of lessons and moments to be shared between parent and daughter. This heartfelt read, priced around $18, is a thoughtful gift that goes beyond its pages. It serves as a guide through important life lessons, from doing the right thing to expressing love for mom and fostering self-confidence. Perfect for quality time together, “Being A Girl” creates a space for meaningful conversations, making it a cherished addition to your library and a source of lasting memories. Dive into its pages and let the valuable lessons within strengthen the bond between you and your daughter. Shop It On Amazon

Being A Boy

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids Again, this is published by the same company as Being A Girl. It helps teach your growing boy valuable and important life lessons in helping others, taking care of your body, and being a leader. Priced around $18. Shop It On Amazon

Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag from Groovy Guy

leather dobb kits for men We LOVE this personalized toiletry bag from Groovy Guy Gifts. Priced at $54.99, this sophisticated and personalized accessory is set to become a staple in your boys travel bags for years to come. My son thought he was really cool getting something usually thought of for grown men. Shop It Now

Little Experimenter Telescope for Kids

binoculars for kids Unleash the wonders of the universe with the Little Experimenter Telescope for Kids! This life-sized telescope, priced at $34.99, offers adjustable views with several projection discs boasting 24 images of planets, space ships, and more! Designed with kids in mind, this telescope is crafted with high-quality materials for supreme durability. Shop It On Amazon

Kids Digital Camera

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids This a perfect companion for budding young photographers! Priced around $45, this 1080P digital camera for kids comes with a 32GB card, ensuring plenty of space to capture their memorable moments. This small camera is ideal for active and outdoorsy kids eager to explore and document the beauty around them. Watch as their perspective of the world expands through the lens, fostering a love for both the outdoors and the art of capturing it on film. Shop It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu

Speedo Life Jacket

Holiday Gifts for Outdoorsmen Safety first, fun always! Ensure your kids can enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind by introducing the Speedo Life Jacket. Let your little ones dive into their adventures worry-free. And of course – don't forget the snacks! Shop It On Amazon

Bunch O Balloons

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids Make a splash with Bunch O Balloons, the ultimate gift for outdoor fun! Priced at $25, these rapid-filling and self-sealing balloons bring ease and excitement to water play. Perfect for an outdoorsy kiddo, these balloons turn any day into a water-filled adventure with their quick and hassle-free design. No more tedious tying or struggling with knots—simply fill, seal, and let the water-filled festivities begin! Gift the thrill of easy, breezy water balloon battles and elevate the outdoor experience for the little ones in your life. Shop It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu

Tommy Bahama Swimsuit for Girls

tommy bahama swimsuit for girls Elevate your little one's beach or poolside style with Tommy Bahama Swimsuits for Girls! While they may be a bit more expensive, the wow factor is undeniable. Featuring super cute styles, these swimsuits bring a touch of tropical charm to your child's swimwear collection. Invest in the flair of fashion and quality where each dip in the water becomes a stylish statement. *Note: the girl musts be extremely sassy.* Shop It On Amazon Find Similar On Temu

Smile Outside Children's Books

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids Engage kids in wildlife and conservation with this captivating set priced at $40. For every book sold, $.50 is donated to conservation organizations, making it an educational investment with a purpose. Explore the wonders of the natural world while supporting a commitment to environmental stewardship. Shop It Now


razor 4 wheeler for kids Rev up the excitement with the Razor 4-Wheeler! Priced at $655, this thrill-inducing ride is not just a toy – it's an adventure waiting to happen. Buckle up and experience the joy of outdoor exploration. It's more than a purchase; it's an invitation to ride into endless fun! And then we get it to ride it, too! Shop It On Amazon

The Hunt Club Kids Book Series

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids This book offers the thrill of adventure while teaching kids some valuable life lessons. It's a wholesome, family-friendly, yet thrilling adventure with several unexpected twists and turns. It will keep kids excitedly turning the pages, eager to discover what’s going to happen next, while also teaching timeless lessons about life, family, and friendship. Priced at $13. Shop It On Amazon

Cute Baby Animals Coloring Pages Printable

amazon wild animals coloring book Printable coloring pages of cute baby animals are all the rage. These coloring pages of animals’ digital download is a printable PDF that includes all letters in the alphabet (A-Z), with a few letters having multiple pages (37 pages total). Buy, print, color, then print again, color again, and keep the fun going while teaching your kids the alphabet and animals. Priced at only $.99. Shop It Now

Outdoor Trampoline Let's just put it out there – you can NEVER go wrong with a trampoline. It's a classic and a goodie. A trampoline never goes out of style. My kids jump, wrestle, flip and even use Orbeez on ours (my recommendation is to NOT allow Orbeez after learning the hard way).You can find them pretty cheap and well worth any investment you make. Shop It On Amazon

Clear Glass Water Bottle from Groovy Girl Gifts

Do you have an outdoor-lovin’ kiddo who’s constantly running, hiking, and playing? And please tell me why kids go through water bottles so much. This is the perfect personalized water bottle to keep them hydrated on all their adventures. Choose from white, black, red, green, gold, silver, rose gold, and iridescent for personalization. Shop It Now

Buck Poop

Clearly, it’s not actually deer poop, but it is milk chocolate-covered raisins. They also have elk poop, reindeer poop, and big foot poop available, too! Each bad comes with 6 oz. of “poop.” Priced at $7. Shop It On Amazon

Orbeez Water Beads

Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

Whyyyyyy do my kids and their friends love these so much? They are kinds annoying and messy, but they do and they keep them entertained outside, so I allow it!

Priced at $5. Shop It On Amazon Find Similar on Temu

Road Trip Games

There’s only so much “I Spy” mom can handle in the car. And while I want the kids to stay distracted while we travel, I also want to avoid screentime as long as possible. Keep your little ones busy in the backseat with these road trip games–that will also have them entertained once you reach your destination. You won’t get just one use out of these games, they are also perfect for a rainy day! BONUS: Most of these games and activities are self-contained, making it easy to keep track of all the pieces. Find Them All On Our Blog Shop It On Our Amazon List

Duracell Lights 350 Lumens Headlamp and Flashlight

top gifts for an outdoorsy kid Illuminate every adventure with the Duracell Lights 350 Lumens Headlamp and Flashlight! Crafted for durability, performance, and innovation, these high-quality aluminum lights are perfect for all your outdoorsy kids' pursuits. Light up the path with this reliable and versatile lighting solution, designed to accompany every step of the way. Smores not included. Shop It On Amazon Find Similar on Temu

Matte Mini Lipsticks from Temu

I bought this 16-piece of matte mini lipsticks for my daughter's stocking. She loves to play dress up and for less than $6, why the heck not? Find It on Temu

X-Pro Dirt Bikes for Kids & Youth Introducing the X-PRO Dirt Bike – a perfect off-road adventure for kids! This is an ideal choice for young riders. The 4-stroke engine ensures reliability and durability, with a fully automatic chain drive transmission for a max speed of 22 mph. Designed for beginners and small children, the X-PRO offers easy and smooth acceleration. Let the off-road excitement begin! Shop It At Amazon If you're looking for Free Farm Animal Coloring Pages, download yours today.

We also have these gifts for outdoorsy kids on an Amazon List! Easy to shop!

Need more ideas? Here are even more gift for outdoorsy kids:

Here's a list of 50 gift ideas for outdoorsy kids that can help them explore, learn, and enjoy the great outdoors: 1. Binoculars for bird-watching and exploring. 2. Kids' hiking boots. 3. Camping gear like a tent and sleeping bag. 4. Compass for navigation. 5. Junior fishing rod and tackle box. 6. Butterfly net and identification guide. 7. Outdoor adventure book. 8. Kids' gardening kit. 9. Nature-themed board games. 10. Geocaching starter kit. 11. Outdoor scavenger hunt cards. 12. Rock and mineral identification kit. 13. Bug-catching kit with magnifying glass. 14. Kids' kayak or canoe. 15. Portable hammock for relaxing. 16. Frisbee or flying disc. 17. Outdoor cooking set for campfires. 18. Child-sized backpack. 19. Nature-themed puzzles. 20. Kids' binoculars with built-in camera. 21. Tree climbing gear and harness. 22. Nature-inspired art supplies. 23. Junior archery set. 24. Insect habitat or ant farm. 25. Outdoor adventure journal. 26. Stargazing telescope. 27. Watercolor paint set for plein air painting. 28. Kids' bike with a helmet. 29. Outdoor building and construction sets. 30. Junior survival kit. 31. Outdoor clothing like moisture-wicking shirts and pants. 32. Skateboard or inline skates. 33. Kids' yoga mat for outdoor sessions. 34. Wildlife identification cards. 35. Junior GPS device. 36. Kite for windy days. 37. Kids' digital camera for capturing memories. 38. Nature-themed jigsaw puzzles. 39. Pocket-sized first aid kit. 40. Set of outdoor storybooks. 41. Climbing holds for an at-home climbing wall. 42. Child-sized snowshoes for winter adventures. 43. Outdoor-friendly musical instruments. 44. Solar-powered backpack for charging devices. 45. Junior mountain bike. 46. Miniature golf set. 47. Kids' picnic set. 48. Outdoor science experiment kits. 49. Birdhouse or bird feeder kits. 50. Nature-themed clothing or accessories like hats and T-shirts. These gifts can encourage kids to explore and appreciate the natural world while having fun outdoors.

What gifts do YOU think are great for outdoorsy kids?

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