20 Gifts for Active and Outdoorsy Kids

Looking for the perfect gifts for active and outdoorsy kids? This list has the perfect options for both boys and girls who love to have a blast outdoors or are exceptionally active and love some indoor play as well!

I love to stock up on gifts to always have on hand when a birthday party pops up or I need a last-minute kid’s gift. Between the holidays and birthdays, you can never have too many ideas stored away for when you need a quick gift.

This is my top list for gifts that will get active and outdoorsy kids off the couch, off the screen and entertained!

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Little Experimenter Night Vision Binoculars: My kids are obsessed with these night vision binoculars! These toy binoculars feature clear focus-free vision, 2x magnification, a built-in flashlight and a neck strap. They are easy for kids to hold, and the large, comfortable eye cups mold snugly on little faces. Kids love taking ‘em along on outdoor adventures and fun nighttime explorations.

Little Experimenter Night Vision Binoculars for outdoorsy kids

Bullseye Bow Kids Bow and Arrow Set: This is the BEST kids bow and arrow on the market. It has a center guide-hole for easy and consistent shooting and helps to improve accuracy. Available in different colors.

Bullseye Bow Kids Bow and Arrow Set for outdoor children

Hummingbird Feeder: How fun to watch hummingbirds fly around your house? Not only do adults love the beautiful birds, but kids love to mix the sugar water and watch the hummingbirds fly.

Instant Snow: Snow in Dallas – doesn’t happen often for us. Snow in the summer – yup! Just add water and watch snow erupt instantly. It is a little messy and very slippery, but hey – let ‘em enjoy.

Beta fish: What better way to keep your outdoorsy kid interested in animals than for them to have their own beta fish!

Fishing Pole: Buy for your boy or girl, but every kid needs their own fishing pole. If you don’t have a fishing pole handy, you’ll never find a time to use it. Available in colors for boys and girls.

fishing pole for active kids

Boys’ Life Magazine Subscription: This is the Boy Scots of America’s official magazine and it’s packed full of tips, tricks, comics and hilarious jokes.

The Coloring Table: We give these as gifts for birthdays all the time and they’re always a big hit. Markers don’t bleed through, so they can color on it in the driveway, on a sidewalk or inside. It’s machine washable so you can reuse it over and over. Tip – use Ultra Washable Crayola markers, but for a permanent keepsake, use fabric markers.

Rain Boots: I get my kids new rain boots once a year! Of course, perfect for the rain, but these are what we wear to the ranch to get sloppy, muddy and dirty in!

rain boots for kids

Balloon Animal Kit: Pump up your own balloon animals and get creative. This isn’t an outdoor activity, but it’ll keep the kids busy. The kit includes an 80-page instruction book, balloon pump and 44 balloons.

Yeti in My Spaghetti: This silly game is perfect to play as a family. We also love to give this as a birthday gift and stock-up on these five at a time.

Strider Balance Bike For Young Children: This beginner bike is perfect for kids who love to play outside. My son learned to ride this when he was 18-months. He transitioned to a big kid bike this summer with no training wheels.

Magic Stix Washable Markers: These markers don’t dry out when the cap is left off, so when my easily-distracted kids go for another activity, they will stand the test of time! Also, they are washable, so it’s a win-win for parents.

Princess Stamp Craft Set: Our crafty little girl loves this set of Melissa & Doug princess stamps. It Includes 9 stamps, a 2-color washable inkpad and 5 colored pencils. Perfect for indoor days and limits screen time.

Mermaid Swimsuit/Costume: This swimsuit is perfect for pool time, but my daughter uses it for ‘dress up’ time.

National Geographic Kids’ Books: We personally love the Predators Collection and Ocean Animals Collection. Great for bedtime reading, these books keep the kiddos asking numerous questions about wildlife.

Being A Girl: I frequently give this as a gift, but it’s also a great book to read with your daughter for extra special quality time. It includes perfect lessons about doing the right thing, telling mom you love her, self-confidence and more.

Being a Boy: Again, this is published by the same company as Being A Girl. It helps teach your growing boy valuable and important life lessons in helping others, taking care of your body and being a leader.

Vivitar HD Action Camera for Kids: My kids are starting to get interested in taking photos (maybe because they see their mama and daddy taking so many photos!), but a camera is a great option for any active and outdoorsy kid to get outdoors and take photos of the beauty around them.

Smile Outside Children’s Books: These are great books to educate and engage children in wildlife and conservation. With every book sold, they also donate $.50 to conservation organizations.

Would love to know what gifts YOU think are great for active and outdoorsy kids!

And, if you’re looking for more information on getting and keeping kids outdoors, check out my e-book!

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