Gifts for Nature Lover: The Ultimate Guide

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Looking for the perfect gifts for nature lovers? This list has the best options for the men and women nature lover in your life.

I love to stock up on gifts to always have on hand when a birthday party pops up or I need a last-minute gift. Between the holidays and birthdays, you can never have too many ideas stored away for when you need a quick gift.

*Side Note: I HIGHLY recoomend getting an Amazon Prime subscription AND going ahead and downloading Temu. My two life savers!*

This is my top list of gifts for the nature lover in your life.

I am a participant in affiliate programs. I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this website. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real information about hunting and the outdoors.

YETI Rambler Tumbler: Trust me. If you have been wondering what to gift your man, this is an awesome gift any outdoorsy man will love. It is perfect for both cold and hot beverages. Yeti is the most well-known brand when it comes to keeping beverages ice cold or piping hot. Virtually every outdoorsman knows their products to be great for retaining temperature all day long. If the lid is kept tight, this tumbler is able to keep beverages scalding hot or ice-cold for several hours.

Priced at $38.

Lodge Logic 5-Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set: Got a dad that’s always grilling at camp? Great on the stove and over a campfire, this set delivers smooth heat distribution, heat retention, and cooking versatility that can’t be matched. It’s a convenient set that’ll give your outdoorsman everything he needs for a wide range of cooking outside of the kitchen.

Beach Bum Bag: This is perfect for the mom who spends her day at the beach, lake, or poolside. You can customize it with white vinyl lettering and includes leather handles, zippered closure, and an inside pocket. Fill it with some extra essentials, too, for added oomph!

PHOOZY: If it’s been on Shark Tank, it has to be cool. PHOOZY enables technology users (anyone else can’t put their phone down?!) to pursue their passions and epic outdoor adventures without the worry of environmental limitations, aka – hot and cold temps! I loathe it when my phone overheats at the lake or swimming outside with the kids. It’s basically a floating and thermal capsule for your phones, tablets, and laptops.

They also have super cute colors and styles. Gold? Realtree camo? Pink? They’ve got you covered.

Hummingbird Feeder: How fun to watch hummingbirds fly around your house? Perfect gift for any nature lover.

Priced around $18.

Columbia Long Sleeve Shirt: From short strolls to demanding hikes, every outside-loving woman wants to stay comfortable. Whenever I fish, any Columbia shirt works! It can be rolled up during extra hot days and offers protection against the sun while also keeping you cool and dry. This long sleeve shirt provides everything you’ll ever need for your next outdoor experience. 

Being in Nature: There’s no better time to embrace the wisdom contained in this mindfulness pocket guide, Being in Nature, to unlock the benefits of the great outdoors with this unique set of 20 mindful practices.

Minelab makes metal detectors. Your nature lover will LOVE this gift to get (and keep) them outside! Minelab is perfect for summer fun, vacations, hikes, diving, and beach hunting. 

NEST Fragrances Classic Candle: With multiple scents, our favorite is the Birchwood Pine to truly bring the outside indoors. This candle is more expensive than most, but it’ll make your home smell like the mountains.

Priced at $46.

Clear Glass Water Bottle from Groovy Girl Gifts: Do you have an outdoor-lovin’ kiddo who’s constantly running, hiking, and playing? This is the perfect personalized water bottle to keep them hydrated on all their adventures. Choose from white, black, red, green, gold, silver, rose gold, and iridescent for personalization.

Vitapod: Starting at just $50 for a starter bundle, these are convenient and easy-to-use supplement pods that are expertly formulated to support hydration, beauty, immunity, sports performance, and more!

My Gift Stop: Oh, my goodness. My Gift Stop is literally your one-stop-shop for ANYTHING. My Gift Stop is perfect for finding last-minute gifts for friends and family or great deals for yourself.

They carry brands like Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Swiss Army, Sperry, Vans, Dickies, Costa Del Mar, Ray-Ban, and everything in between.

Swiss Army Pocket Knife: Every man and woman must have a Swiss Army pocket knife. I keep one on my keychain at all times (unless going through airport security – which I’ve done before on accident!).

Zippo Lighters: They’re just too fun to not have one on hand, right?

KARAVELLA Large Wood Slices for Centerpieces: Oh, my goodness. You don’t even have to chop down your own tree (unless you’re into that sort of thing) to bring nature indoors with this set of 5 wood tree slabs.

Goodr Sunglasses: Anytime you’re outdoors, these sunglasses will make a perfect gift for any nature lover. They don’t slip or bounce and help protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays – thanks to their polarized lenses. They’re stylish and come in different colors to make it easier to pick one that perfectly matches your style.

Coleman Sundome Camping Tent: Sleeps up to six and up and ready in less than 10 minutes.

Priced around $70.

Chums: Chums was started  by river guides tired of losing their expensive sunglasses during trips. For beach or boat, backyard adventures, and vacation travel, Chums has sunglass retainers, bags, and accessories built to keep what matters to you safe, dry, and secure during any adventure. We use these anytime we’re on the boat or fishing.

Grandpa Gus’s: Consumers love using natural, safe, non-toxic pest repellents, but are often skeptical they don’t work as well as more toxic approaches. Grandpa Gus’s is made in the USA and products include tick, mosquito and other insect repellents. Also, a great stocking stuffer!

Kaenon Sunglasses: Protecting your eyes is a year round task, but not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a good pair of sunglasses. I know for me, I lose sunglasses way too much to make a substantial investment, so I end up buying cheap sunglasses that break. Kaenon’s NEW Kaenon Essentials line is handcrafted in Japan, starts at $100, and features the same superior quality lenses the brand is known for in its Italian-made $175-$250 line.

Pull Start Fire: This is five second fire starter. Your nature lover should always be prepared too get fire going – no matter the weather or location. It requires no matches or lighters, is windproof and rainproof, and can even light on wet wood.

Priced at $20 for a 3-pack.

Sawyer Tap Filter: This allows for fast & safe drinking water straight from your tap and/or hose bib. For up to 100,000 gallons, you can minimize your load and strengthen your trip with pristine hydration for all on your cabin retreat.

Priced at $38.

Adventure Medical Kit Sportsman Series: It contains the medical basics for survival. It is light weight, compact, and contains all the essentials for basic medical care.

Bama Socks: They look like hospital booties but for someone that has an issue keeping their feet dry due to sweat, these are a game-changer. For less than $20, these literally are the line between wet socks or dry ones.

T-Shirt: I’m Hiking. Keep Up Dammit.

Priced at $22.

The Way Back Almanac: This book is beautifully illustrated throughout and each month includes sections on stargazing, gardening tips, seasonal vegan recipes, home organization or crafting ideas, digital wellbeing practices, rituals, book club reads, folklore or ancient wisdom as told by modern people from different walks of life, and free space for your own writing, notes or recipes.

Priced at $19.95.

Sunnies: These are super affordable (starting at just $25!) polarized sunglasses for kids and adults. I have the matching mom and daughter Cat-titude style. They are a must-have at the beach, lake, winter activities, and even just on walks outdoors!

Amazon Prime: Give the gift of Amazon Prime. Perfect as last minute gift or for those who have it all.

NEBO Flashlight: A little bit of everything for everyone. We have these in our nightstands, kitchen, hunting gear boxes, etc. 

SOL Stoke Camp Hatchet: This is your all-in-one fire-starting tool.

Priced at $21.99.

Wild rag: All good cowboys (or fake ones like me) have a wild rag. Go bold or go basic, but get soft!

Fixed Blade with High Carbon Steel Blade: You really can’t go wrong by carrying a good fixed-blade knife around. Not only are they great to have to break down animals, but are also good tools for survival situations. Priced at $25.

Proudly Rooted in the Outdoors Phone Case: Lots of colors and for every make and model on phone!

Pop Charger Pre-Charged Disposable Emergency Charger: I LOVE these. This is another gift that will come in handy when you’re outdoors. Anything can happen when he’s on an adventure, right? This disposable emergency charger is a savior if his phone has a low battery and he’s stuck with nowhere to charge it. Pop in the charger and you’re good to go for five hours. It’s compatible with all iOS devices. 

Keystone Inspired Co.: Discover your new favorite candles and home goods at Keystone Inspired Co. They make products that are safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. We love their travel candles to join us in all our adventures. 

Priced at $15 each.

LED Head Lamp: These powerful hands-free LED camping lights generate a brilliant, long-lasting beam with daylight color and definition. We love the adjustable headband to fit adults and kids.

Emergency Thermal Blankets: Can’t ever be too safe, right? Perfect for hiking, outdoors, camping, backpacking, climbing and can be used as ground cover, sleeping bag liner, or to prevent hypothermia and shock in extreme weather conditions.

Priced at $15.99.

Camping Chair: If you haven’t heard of Sunnyfeel Camping Co, you have been missing out. The company is dedicated to bringing comfortable, sturdy, and easy-to-carry camping chairs.

BLINGSTING: We love the BLINGSTING mini personal safety alarm. I EDC, but also have one of these on my keychain. I also send them with my kids when they are playing in the neighborhood. Can’t ever be too safe when we’re out doing our adventures! And the styles are super cute! Great stocking stuffer!

Priced at $20.

TRUWILD: Calling all outdoor athletes! TRUWILD helps outdoor athletes maximize their passion with products that have the perfect combination to provide energy, endurance, rehydration, gut health, immune support, and recovery needed to challenge the outdoors and turn it into a thrilling playground.

Custom Painting by Chelsea Hansler Art: If you haven’t checked out Chelsea Hansler, you better head to her Instagram or website to see her creative pieces of art. Learn more about ordering a custom painting here.

Drone: Drones are cool. Be cool. Holy Stone offers mini, advanced, and beginner options.

Pukka Herbs Collection of Organic Herbal Teas: Not a coffee drinker? That’s okay; we won’t judge you. It includes flavors like supreme matcha green, three ginger, peppermint & licorice, and lemon, ginger & Manuka honey!

Duckworth Merino Wool: They offer moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and breathable clothing for year-round use in the outdoors. They offer men and women outerwear, shirts, hoodies, socks and base layers.

Bison Coolers: If you’re searching for the best heavy-duty camping or hunting coolers, then Bison Coolers makes the cut! Bison’s hard and soft coolers are both proudly Made in America. Bison also has a full line of leak-proof, stainless steel drinkware, dry duffel bags, and accessories.

The UTTy — Ultimate Storage Management Tool: This has nearly 500 reviews on Amazon with 4.5 stars and is perfect for any nature lover. You can manage all of your stuff easily. It can hold 75+ pounds and perfect for the basement, garage, man cave or closet.

Priced at $35.

Little Sugar Farm: LSF accommodates individuals, couples, and groups in a calm, country atmosphere. Reconnect with each other and with nature through distinctive learning experiences, retreats, and relaxation including body work, yoga, hiking, herbalist experiences, and much more. Forget the “things” and book a memorable trip.

Collapsible Hiking Poles: If you’re a trail enthusiast, you’ll want your hiking gear to keep up. Whether you’re hiking on rugged terrain or crossing rivers, these sticks are strong enough to withstand all weather conditions.

Priced at $19.

Duracell Lights 350 Lumens Headlamp and Flashlight offer durability, performance, and innovation for each of your adventures. We love that they are made of high-quality aluminum and have variable focus beams that adjust for whatever use you may have. Did we mention they all come with three AAA Duracell batteries??

Camping Hammocks: Whether you’re relaxing by the fire or sleeping under the stars, this hammock has everything you need to stay comfy and covered throughout the night for your next fall camping trip, or even just lounging in your backyard.

Off Grid Tools: They offer tough tools for tough jobs for everything from survival and outdoors to rescue and emergency. You’ll be prepared for anything.

Bose Soundlink Mini II Limited Edition Bluetooth Speaker: We are obsessed with our Bose. I’m sure there are more budget-friendly Bluetooth speakers, but this one – ohhhhhh, wow! We take it with us everywhere, from the ranch to outdoor yard work, pool, and vacations; it goes with us everywhere.

Priced at $135.

Wings Over Water: The Vital Magic of North America’s Prairie Wetlands: Have a waterfowl and conservation woman? This is a stunning coffee table book. It celebrates and promotes the preservation of the prairie wetlands and the birds that live and breed there. It’ll immerse your woman into one of the earth’s most important ecosystems.

Merrill Erie Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots: Looking for a gift for a hiker? Make sure she has the best footwear with the Merrell Erie Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots, designed with waterproof suede leather and a breathable mesh upper. These rugged boots grip the terrain and keep her comfortable no matter how long she’s outdoors.

GENIANI Heating Pad: I’m in love with the GENIANI double-sided electric heating pad. It’s perfect after a long day in the field. Yes, I’m getting a TINY BIT older, & outdoor adventures can make me a bit stiffer than they used to. It has 6 settings, auto shut-off, & machine washable.

Priced at $22.

Miss Pursuit Merchandise: Cuddle up with some Miss Pursuit sweaters!

Bug Soother: It is now available in over 10,000 retail locations nationwide (Ace Hardware, Casey’s General Store, County Market, Dick’s Sporting Goods, HyVee, Scheels, Theisen’s, True Value, Walgreens, and Menards). The line includes bug-repellent sprays and candles – all of which are non-toxic and nourish the skin.

Miss Pursuit Note Pad: You can write down your to-do list on this Proudly Rooted in the Outdoors Notebook. What’s on our to-do list? Hike, camp and dominate the world.

Rocky Boots: We love us some Rocky Boots and know that the special person on your gift list will too. They offer footwear with the best waterproof, outsole, safety toe, and lightweight comfort technologies that are built to take you anywhere.

Desenio: I try to stay up with the trends for my home decor, but always on an affordable budget. If you’re looking for wall art for the outdoorsmen in your life (or yourself!), I recently found Desenio. They have a huge range of prints and frames for every room and decor style. I like to bring nature indoors where I can.

Succulents are one of today’s most popular decor elements. Each of these small faux succulents is potted in its own miniature ceramic container. Priced at $24 for a set of three.

Whiskey Morning Coffee: We love the small-batch Texas coffee that specializes in barrel-aged and fire-roasted brews. Coming from 3 generations of distillers, they know how to make damn good and unique coffees. They take high-quality and ethically-sourced coffee beans and age them in their family whiskey and bourbon barrels.

PROBAR: Miss Pursuit knows your typical day requires hours of staying alert, energized, and focused, with no room for error – you can count on PROBAR to deliver sustained energy no matter what your fitness goals are so you can come back tomorrow and work just as hard!

Little Hotties Hand Warmers: No explanation necessary. You can’t ever have enough stashed away.

Priced at $17.50 for 10 pair.

GENIANI Humidifier: We are loving this GENIANI Smart Humidifier. It’s perfect for a large bedroom (up to 370 square feet) and can run for up to 40 hours. With 3 different mist modes, it’s perfect for any aroma and a great gift idea for a nature lover!

Priced at $48.

Natural Elegance: Luxurious Mountain Living: Miss Pursuit loves a great hardcover book and this one showcases the award-winning interiors of WRJ Design, headquartered in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, set against the backdrop of dramatic western landscapes from the Rockies to the Pacific.

Priced at $45.

Cabinet of Curiosities: Okay, so this one is the simplest gift on the list. It seems men always find rarities from their outdoor excursions. And well, women have no place to put them in their beautifully decorated homes. At a local antique store, we found this old display case for guns. We use it for arrowheads and Native American scrapers, knickknacks from special trips, skulls, and other meaningful finds.

Need more ideas? Here are even more gifts for the nature lover in your life:

Here are 50 gift ideas for a nature lover that will help them connect with and appreciate the natural world:

1. National park pass for exploring the outdoors.
2. Birdwatching binoculars.
3. Field guidebooks for identifying plants and wildlife.
4. Nature-themed puzzle or jigsaw puzzle.
5. Subscription to a nature or wildlife magazine.
6. Portable hammock for relaxing in nature.
7. Gardening tools and supplies.
8. Native wildflower seeds for planting.
9. Tree adoption or a tree-planting kit.
10. Butterfly garden kit with plants.
11. Bird feeders and birdseed.
12. Outdoor adventure map or atlas.
13. Annual membership to a botanical garden.
14. Solar-powered charger for outdoor devices.
15. Nature-themed artwork or wall decor.
16. Nature photography book.
17. Portable camping hammock.
18. Nature soundscapes or bird calls CD.
19. Wildlife-themed clothing or apparel.
20. Stargazing telescope or binoculars.
21. Personalized nature-themed journal.
22. Biking or hiking trail map.
23. Camping gear and equipment.
24. Reusable water bottle or coffee cup.
25. Nature-inspired scented candles.
26. Outdoor picnic set.
27. Insulated picnic backpack.
28. Herbal tea sampler.
29. Wild animal tracking class or workshop.
30. Meditation and yoga retreat in nature.
31. Wildlife conservation donation in their name.
32. Nature-inspired jewelry or accessories.
33. Engraved compass for adventures.
34. Weatherproof outdoor speaker.
35. Plant identification smartphone app.
36. Wildlife habitat adoption kit.
37. Nature-themed board games.
38. Outdoor cooking utensils.
39. Nature documentaries or DVDs.
40. Personalized hiking trail sign.
41. Nature-inspired bookmarks.
42. Nature-themed board games.
43. Waterproof and tear-resistant field notebook.
44. Portable outdoor chair.
45. Sustainable and eco-friendly camping gear.
46. Solar-powered outdoor lantern.
47. Guided nature hike or wildlife tour.
48. Nature calendar or planner.
49. Field sketching or painting kit.
50. Nature-inspired music or playlists.

These gifts cater to a wide range of interests and activities that nature lovers can enjoy.

What gifts do YOU think are great for a nature lover?

This post may contain affiliate links. Miss Pursuit may earn a small commission for our endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. Your purchase helps support our work in bringing you real information about hunting and the outdoors.

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