How to Grow a Garden from a Pack of Seeds

It all began as a homeschool project for my daughter. I grew up helping in our garden, but I have never grown a garden from a pack of Dollar Store seeds in an egg carton covered in a bread bag, transferred to a Styrofoam cooler until this project.

The look on my daughter’s face and my own excitement when we actually began to see the seeds sprouting after transplanting and picking our vegetables, has given my daughter so much confidence! She is so proud of our little garden and enjoys being able to eat what we have grown, knowing it was grown without pesticides, purely organic, and with love.


  • Pack of seeds
  • Egg carton
  • Empty bread bag
  • Potting soil
  • Styrofoam cooler

Steps for Growing Your Seeds:

  1. Using your egg carton, place a very small amount of potting soil in each egg holder, making a small hole in the soil. 
  2. Then place a couple of seeds into each hole.
  3. Finally cover the seed and water until the soil is saturated. Do this for all 12 spaces.
  4. Place the egg carton into the empty bread bag. Tie the end or use the bread tie, to help keep moisture and air inside the bag.
  5. Place in a windowsill so it will get plenty of sunlight. Read the directions on the back of the seed package for germination time.
  6. In a few weeks, you will see the plants sprouting and you will need to transplant them into a bigger container. I chose a large Styrofoam cooler. Be sure to place holes in the bottom of the container for proper drainage. 
  7. Pour the potting soil into the container in order to plant the seedlings. Cover the roots with soil then water.

Keep in mind which plants grow best together and how much room the plants will need to properly grow.

If you are planting tomatoes the tomato vine will need to be supported. Use a stick and an old cloth to tie it up or a metal stand so the vine doesn’t break.

Growing and harvesting your own vegetables from seed to serving them to your family is so rewarding! There is just something about fresh, garden-picked veggies that are the best!

Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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