Rifles and Bows: The Miss Pursuit Guide

Katherine Hill // September 13

I tell you this so you won't get overwhelmed. I know I did. But maybe you're just looking for a place to start your search. Or maybe, you're a more advanced hunter and you're researching your next rifle or bow and want to see what our experienced hunters use. Just by taking the time to go through each item, I assure you, you will gather a wealth of knowledge as you get ready for your next purchase.

Miss Pursuit Guide to Rifles and Bows

Miss Pursuite Guide to Rifles and Bows


  • The Bowtech Carbon Rose is the most-used bow by our team. It's the lightest premium hunting bow on the market and our archers say it's a great entry-level bow at a good price point.

The Carbon Rose was my first bow and I loved that it was light and had an easy draw cycle. It's a great starter bow to help you increase draw weight!

Hannah Marcom
  • PSE Archery is invested in helping the whole industry grow. While you're checking out their Carbon Air Stealth Bows, don't miss their bowhunter checklist.
  • In 2021, Xpedition Archery launched their X Series Bows, in development for 2 years, which feature patent-pending technology.
  • Matthews bows deliver the ultimate customer experience and specialized bows for women.
  • Don't miss Obsession Bows. Their DefCon bows have a smooth draw and are super quiet.
Miss Pursuite Guide to Rifles and Bows


I love my Ruger American .243. It isn't too heavy and the recoil doesn't bother me as much as other, larger caliber guns I've tried. It's reasonably priced and an all-around great rifle!

Laura Coppola

{We also have great information on the Modern Sporting Rifle.}

Hopefully, you now have a few ideas on which bow and/or rifle you should take a look at. Enjoy!

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