Sleeping Outdoors with Five Star Camping

Carly Brasseux // January 15

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Sleeping outdoors? Ohhhhh, goodness. I’m a city girl. I’m a mom. I’m a little prissy. I love to be outdoors, but I’ll admit I want comfort. Five Star Camping knows that not everyone wants to rough it; they want to make our camping experience homier. Camping definitely gives us the irreplaceable opportunity to ditch our modern amenities and enjoy being one with Mother Nature, but that doesn’t mean also ditching the relaxation we need. With the right gear and preparation, we can sleep soundly, as well as appreciate starry night skies and fresh air.

I think because I’m a mom (or maybe it’s because I’m Type A and a perfectionist…), I like not only my home but my life organized and neat. That means a campsite with a coffee press, mats for the floor, and even organized storage (oh… and a shower on the grounds).

What Five Star Camping does is make customized fitted sheets (adjustable in length and width) specifically for any camp cot with a bar at each end. My cot is a simple one from Amazon that I use on the occasion when we head out into Mother Nature. The problem with my cot, like many others, is that the cot surface itself is a rough canvas-like material that is itchy and generally hard on my skin. With the Five Star cot sheet, you’re getting just that…a FIVE STAR COT SHEET!

Sleeping Outdoors__ Why Five Star Camping is the Best Option

We always wash our gear after each use because let’s face it, we are usually sweaty, dirty and stinky at the end of our trips. After we get done sleeping out, Five Star Camping cot sheets are machine washable, but still soooooo comfortable and durable. Trust me, they’re soft… like actually soft… like fancy hotel soft, but made for an outdoor lifestyle. They’re also very lightweight, so you won't even notice one in an already heavy pack.

We spend our time outside year-round. The sheets are perfect for warm summer months (no sleeping bag needed – yay!), but also great for cooler months. Wanna know a sneaky hack? My husband cut an inch-thick sheet of soft foam for his cot. His Five Star Camping cot sheet, being adjustable, has just enough room for the foam pad to slide under. I always say he acts like a baby sometimes…but now he sleeps like a baby too, haha!!

Sleep Outdoors. Be comfortable. Five Star Camping gets the job done!

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