What Happens in the Sheets…A Toesty Sheet Review

Laura Coppola // May 12

Time to talk about what happens in the bedsheets! Okay, get your mind out of the gutter – I’m talking about how the top sheet at the bottom of the bed always becomes untucked! It drives me crazy when the sheets are not tightly tucked in. If they loosen at night, it is pretty easy just to push them back under the mattress in the morning. However, tucking the sheets in isn’t always easy, especially when you are working around tight corners.

This is the case when I’m making the bed in my RV. Over the past few years, my family has started RV camping quite often. My husband is in charge of anything related to the exterior of the camper while I take care of anything interior. This includes stocking the fridge, furnishing the camper, and, unfortunately, making the beds.

Our queen-size bed is in the front of the camper and no corners are exposed. This means that the struggle is real when it comes to making the bed. Not only do I struggle to make the bed at the beginning of the trip, but I have to remake the bed every morning because the sheets ALWAYS become untucked. There is literally no easy way to make this bed so I appreciate anything that can help. This is where Toesty Sheets come in! Toesty Sheets has an amazing design where the bottom of the top sheet is bungee and wraps underneath the mattress, similar to the bottom sheet. This keeps the top sheet in place all night long, which is truly amazing!

Miss Pursuit Toesty Sheets

On top of the unique design of the top sheet, Toesty Sheets has even more benefits:

  • Easy for children and those with mobility issues.  
  • Made with 100% organic Global Organic Textile Standard percale cotton making it ultra-durable, breathable, and ethically sourced to ensure a sleep made with awareness. 
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly, with 100% recycled packaging (shipped in a reusable shopping tote).
  • 400-thread count.
  • Available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes, all in white with a charcoal trim piping. 
  • You'll stay cool and comfortable.
Miss Pursuit Toesty Sheets

The design of these sheets is perfect for campers and I will forever owe Toesty Sheets for making my camping experience just a little bit more relaxing. Don’t forget to check out Toesty Sheets on Instagram @toestysheets and take a peak at their website. In the meantime, I’ll be ordering another set for my bedroom.

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