Why Women Hunt Better Than Men

Okay, I have your attention, don’t I? This isn’t a girl power or feminist post, I promise. But, I am going to provide you with two key reasons why women are better hunters than men. 

We all know men have historically been the hunters, and in my opinion are biologically wired to be hunters. They’ve been the hunters since the beginning of time.

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    You should talk to my hunting partner, Melinda. I taught her to shoot a shotgun in my back yard and guided her to her first duck. She became a woman on a mission. We have hunted together now for 29 years. She took up shooting sporting clays in 1998 and started out shooting me in the field. I took it up and caught up. She went on to be the lead shotgun instructor for the Kansas 4H. She had three older guys who were her mentors. Two years ago she took 4 deer using three different methods. (two with a rifle on with a crossbow and one with a muzzle loader) We have taught together at the Kansas B O W program. She has been a guide at the Governors turkey hunt for several years. She was the Kansas Wildlife Federation’s Outdoor Skills Instructor of the Year.

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