Zebra Hunting: Why Would Anyone Kill One?

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Why would anyone kill a zebra? Well…

My number one animal on the African wish list was a Zebra. If you are a hunter, you will understand that there is no explanatio of why you want one animal over another. I received negative feedback that hunting a Zebra is disgusting, it is not for meat, and if I am in awe of something, I should protect it rather than kill it. This was from another hunter. 

My flavor of hunting ethics (and we all have our own) is for animals that we can eat, they should be. I do believe in non-meat hunting for coyotes and prairie dogs, in areas where they are a threat to livestock. Having been to South Africa and hunting many places throughout the US and the world, I know not every type of hunting is for everyone. I have certainly felt that way on hunts, but that does not make one form better than another, nor do I feel that when you follow the laws, it is not anyone’s place to verbally attack another’s hunting decisions.

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Zebra Facts

There are three living species of Zebra: mountain Zebra, plains Zebra, and Grevy’s Zebra. There are 6 subspecies of plains Zebra. The most plentiful type of Zebra and the Burchell’s Zebra is the one that is most hunted. This Zebra is also the only type bred for food. These animals are known to be both aggressive and wild despite years of captivity. As we hunted Zebra, I also found them to be the most alert, often the first to run and vocalize when they saw people.

Hunting Zebra

In my opinion, the Zebra is one of the most iconic African animals. They are tough and true survivors in the world of predators and prey. Hunting these animals was one of the most difficult I found on my trip. They are intelligent and graced with both speed and good eyesight.

Hunting any animal in Africa increases its value to the people. In South Africa, 50% of the economy is from hunting through tourism, providing jobs, and helping the community of hunters. It also allows these animals to flourish on private farms to potentially be reintroduced into the wild, should space become available.

Eating Zebra

Zebra meat is considered by many as the best-tasting meat. It is high in protein, low in fat, and characterized by a sweet taste. Unfortunately, many places have a stigma about eating Zebra. Many feel they are similar to other equines that they are to not be eaten.  Zebra is indeed an exquisite fare. 

As an owner of several equines, I was not sure that my desire to take a Zebra would be the same due to my love of animals. But being able to be slightly smarter than one of these majestic beasts on the day that I harvested mine, was my favorite memory of Africa.

Having faced many animals in Africa, I feel the Zebra is one of the hardest to successfully hunt due to the stigma about eating them and their tenacious nature. 

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  1. Thank you for writing such an informative article, Jaimie. I, too, have had the opportunity to take a zebra with my bow in Africa. I proudly posted a picture on social media and was criticized greatly, even by many of my colleagues who knew I was a hunter. I found that zebras were one of the most challenging of all animals. They travel in herds and are constantly moving making it so difficult to ethically shoot “the one” and in my case, the lead stallion. Your article does such a great job of breaking down the misconceptions of zebra hunting.

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