Best Taxidermists for Exotic Trophies

Carly Brasseux // March 13

“When taxidermy is done well, it’s an amazing piece of art.” – Amanda Seyfried

Finding a taxidermist for your exotic trophies isn’t as easy as walking into your local sporting goods store or Mcdonald's. In 2016, there were only 513,071 taxidermists in the US. And, after eliminating shops that aren’t near your area of town, the list dwindles down quickly. For these reasons, I have a crowdsourced list of taxidermists who specialize in exotic mounts and have received a personal recommendation from our team.

Dallas Taxidermy: Owner, Will Brasseux, truly brings each client unparalleled artistry and service for each of your outdoor adventures. He's a stand-up guy and loves hearing hunting stories from everyone that walks through his door.

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Woodbury Taxidermy in Ingram, TX: They create true works of art for North American, African, European, and New Zealand game and have a processing facility onsite. I’ve personally only heard wonderful things about Woodbury. I’d recommend reading a few reviews and making sure to address any concerns prior to dropping off your animal.

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Conroe Taxidermy in Conroe, TX: Conroe Taxidermy has been around since the ’70s. Mike Simpson, the owner, is legit. He’s a hunter and conservationist at heart and President of Safari Club International. He’s a true outdoorsman. For that reason, everyone loves their work. Our family has had almost every single one of our mounts done there. Wait for it… they also do 360 Trophy Room Tours. That’s right. They’ll take professional photos of your trophy room and turn them into a beautiful 360 presentation. Mike is also an official SCI scorer. Also, he personally scored my record book aoudad! They even do ashtrays, bookends, gun racks, and barstools for your trophies!

Stevens Taxidermy and Hunters Creek Processing in Liberty Hill, TX: Cole Stevens, the owner, is just a good ol’ guy. He graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries. His favorite part of taxidermy? He gets to share in every single hunting story that comes through his door!

TrueLife Taxidermy in Granbury, TX: TrueLife’s tagline is “serious trophies for serious sportsmen” and it couldn’t be more true! They do seriously complex mounts and displays. The awards they’ve won are insanely awesome. Not only do they do some of the best mounts in the world, they’ll also process your meat so you’ll only have one stop after a long hunt.

What are the best taxidermists for exotic trophies that you know? Let’s add it to our list.

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