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As we all know, finding great a taxidermist can be a struggle. What tends to happen is that you use one and then subsequently continue to stay with that one taxidermist indefinitely. We rarely go outside the box to see if there’s another taxidermist who provides better work, has a better location, or even offers different pricing. It’s kind of “for better or worse, ‘til death do you part”, right?

As a Dallas native, I can’t recommend Dallas Taxidermy enough. Will Brasseux is newer to the industry and therefore has a thoughtful and careful approach, yet explores his creativity and care for your harvests’ like he would his own. All Dallas Taxidermy prices are set to the market for comparable services and they offer euro/skull mount services for most species. Skull cleaning is a passion of his. The finished skull will maintain its strength and beauty for generations.

Dallas Taxidermy

Dallas Taxidermy offers pick-up and delivery services in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and the North Texas area. Seriously. I can go hunting in Oklahoma or the Texas Panhandle, drive home and unpack, chill and watch the football game Sunday afternoon and not have to make the trek to the processor AND taxidermist.

I know firsthand that you can call, text or send Will an e-mail and he’ll help you with anything you need.

Will Brasseux, with the support of his friends and family, started in the corporate world but fell in love with telling the stories of friends’ and family’s hunts through taxidermy. It shows through his work that he’s truly found his passion in life.

As Dallas Taxidermy says, “[they] bring you unparalleled artistry and service for each of your outdoor adventures,” and I agree.

If you’re in the Dallas, Fort Worth, or North Texas area, check out Dallas Taxidermy and of course, follow them on Instagram. You’ll really get to know the owner, Will Brasseux.

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Sharing is Caring

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