Conscious Eating: Field to Fork is Best by Hunting

Why…is the hunter who shoots a deer for venison subject to more criticism than the person who buys a ham at the supermarket? Overall, it is probably the intensively reared pig who has suffered more. – Peter Singer

Conscious and organic eating is all the rage. Field-to- fork. Farm-to-table. Organic. All natural. Eating clean. Grass fed.

Local food through direct purchase from a producer is a big social movement happening across our country and it’s becoming more and more important to know where our food comes from. Food safety and freshness, small farm economics and large chain distribution systems are on the top of consumers’ minds and they are demanding more control.

Slaughterhouses and meat-packing plants are disgusting.

Maybe it’s just another fad for millennials, but hunters know what conscious eating – organic, all natural and field-to-fork – truly means.

We know the healthiest, purest and hormone-free meat is found in nature where an animal feeds naturally. The process of harvesting your own meat goes back to the beginning of time.

Texas Barbecue Venison Chili with Corn

When you purchase your meat from the grocery store, it’s hard to have a true appreciation for the life taken to provide you with that meal. Hunting, harvesting, cleaning, processing and preparing your meat isn’t as easy as just pulling a trigger, but you can rest assured knowing the animal you are eating had a quick death and it’s as pure as it can get.

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Work with the flavors to create new mealtime memories with your family. Enjoy the nutrition wild game offers. Know the story behind your meal.

If you’re interested in a few cookbooks, these are my favorites.

And, if you’re looking for more information on conscious eating, check out my e-book!

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