Influential Female Hunters on Instagram

Carly Brasseux // January 16

Female hunters are taking over Instagram and since this is the fasting growing segment of the outdoors market, you’re sure to see more of them pop up in your news feed.

Millions of people around the world are, at this very minute, sitting in the elevator, office, or bathroom, scrolling through their Instagram feed, living vicariously through the outdoor adventures of these fascinating female hunting influencers.

Influential Female Hunters on Instagram

When you follow the right people, you'll find some truly stunning hunting and outdoor photography and lifestyles on Instagram.

In this article, we break down the 68 most influential female hunters on Instagram you *must* follow:

Southern Belles | Midwest Women | East Coast Ladies | Western and Pacific Women | Women of the World

Influential Female Hunters:: Southern Belles

Carly Brasseux | Miss Pursuit

A hunter and conservationist, Carly Brasseux is all about learning to hunt as an adult, learning the basics of the sport as a newbie, and encouraging other women to get out in the great outdoors. 

Jessica Manuell

What makes Jessica tick? Being in the outdoors is where she finds her peace. She's crazy passionate about firearms, archery, hunting, food, dogs, birds, wildlife, hiking, fishing, exploring, and her job in the sporting goods industry.

Amy Hall

Not only does Amy host the Miss Pursuit podcast, but she's also extremely knowledgeable about hunting. She's also a NASP coach.

Bianca Jane | Her Humble Hunt

A hunting superstar, Bianca aims to offer an engrossing and appealing look into the world of hunting.

Danielle Prewett | Wild and Whole

Promoting eating wide and wholesome foods, Danielle gives a unique look into wild game recipes.

Mary Roberts

The self-proclaimed trophy chick, Mary loves to hunt and show off her bow skills.

Britney Glaze Clifton

From dog mom to CBD advocate to hunter, Britney has a beautiful page to follow.

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An avid hunter who has appeared on TV programs like “Addicted To The Outdoors,” Lakeisha regularly posts family-oriented hunting snaps with her husband and four kids.

Courtney Ogden

If you’re interested in looking at stunning outdoor hunting photography and big game (along with cute snaps of her dog), Courtney Ogden is a must-follow.

Cara Harper

Co-host of Ducks Unlimited TV and a fervor for hunting and outdoor photography, Cara Harper shows off her outdoor lifestyle for everyone to see.

Bri Van Scotter | Wilderness to Table

Bri Van Scotter is a professional chef, host of Wilderness to Table, and advocates for conscious eating through hunting.

Baylee Horner

Baylee is a southern girl out of Oklahoma. Her angling skills will make your daddy or boyfriend jealous!

Jennifer Smith

Jenn lives on her small hobby-farm outside of Fort Worth, TX, and pursues her passion for the outdoors through horseback riding, hunting, fishing, and traveling with her family.

Kim Bryant

Kim lives in Lakeview, Alabama, and is an avid hunter, outdoors lover, and traveler and creates ads for digital media advertising.

Leslye Leslie

Leslye is a South Georgia transplant to the Utah mountains with a passion for hunting, shooting sports, camping and trail runs.

Judith Jager

Judith lives in Alabama and hunts waterfowl. She is passionate about being a good steward and cooks everything she kills.

Kaitlyn Lowes

Kaitlyn is a Texas gal who processes her own game meat, hog hunts from horseback, and has hunted overseas numerous times.

Influential Female Hunters:: Midwest Women

Alyson Rausch

Want to follow an awesome redhead with a passion for bowhunting, hounds, and fishing? If it has fur, feathers, or fins, she's after it.

Andi Rothove

The founder of Huntress View, Andi Rothove rocks the women’s world of hunting. She’s a born leader and bada$$ lady to follow.

Katie Banks

A self-proclaimed adventurer, Katie travels far and wide hunting for big game.

Ali Juten

An outdoor writer and avid huntress, Ali Juten loves to show you the outdoors through podcasts, TV, and writing.

Stephanie Ray

A doctor by profession, Stephanie lets off stress and steam by going on adventurous hunts, offering everyone a look into her down-to-earth lifestyle.

Susie Busta

Susie is based out of Minnesota and is an avid bow hunter, angler, and mom.

Priscilla Magana

As the owner of a sportswear line, WSI Sports, Priscilla Magana clearly has a knack for fitness and she loves being in the outdoors to fish and hunt in order to stay in shape.

Sarah Beth Lawhorn

She’s no stranger to TV and has made several appearances on various programs on the Outdoor Channel thanks to her passion for the outdoors.

Beka Garris

Officially part of the hunting world since the age of 10, Beka Garris's story is one you need to follow! She’s down-to-earth and the girl you’d be best friends with, her adventures always include her kiddo, too.

Mary Larson

This Montana girl's passion is for anything outdoors – fishing, hiking, and hunting. Mary even started a company to support women in the outdoors.

Angie Kokes

Angie is based out of Central Nebraska, a freelance writer, passionate outdoorswoman, and huntress stepping outside industry standards.

Emily Schaad

Emily is an Ohio-born and raised bowhunter, photographer, wildlife manager, and influencer.

Kate Small

Kate is based out of Idaho and as chairman of the Foundation for Wildlife Management, focuses on predator control.

Tricia Kaiser

Tricia is based out of Michigan and is an outdoor photographer and avid outdoorswoman.

Jennifer Dums

Jennifer is an active outdoorswoman from Northern Wisconsin.

Kristin Alberts

Kristin works full-time in the outdoor industry, primarily handling the hunting content for, reviewing firearms and related gear. Her passion is anything outdoors; she has hunted and fished around the world with more adventures to come!  

Influential Female Hunters:: East Coast Ladies

Mckayla Creef

Mckayla‘s favorite things to do? Archery, riding horses, hunting, fishing, and anything outdoors. Aside from her hobbies, she mentors other newly injured people and especially children with physical limitations, and a love for the outdoors.

Megan Plete Postol

Megan is an award-winning outdoor journalist covering the hunting, fishing, trapping, and shooting industries nationally. Her work has appeared in various publications and websites across the outdoor industry and beyond.

Heather Shepherd

As a mom and wife, Heather is an advocate for CBD and is in love with anything outdoors.

Tarra Stoddard

This huntress is a firearm specialist and instructor who loves to document her travels in the outdoors. She’s the managing director of ReelCamo Girl and nothing can stop this lady.

Emily Milcher

Outdoor photographer and dedicated huntress, Emily Milcher captures the wild better than most and well, she’s pretty darn sexy too.

Bay Eleazer

Not only is Bay a softball gal, but she's also a bow fisher and is studying wildlife biology. If you like seeing big fish, her page is perfect to follow.

Sarah Quattlebaum

Sarah is a personal trainer who lives in the low country of South Carolina and spends as much time as possible in the outdoors hunting, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding.

Lindsay Michelle

Lindsay is based out of Idaho and in love with hunting anything that offers her an adventure.

Influential Female Hunters:: Western and Pacific Women

Vivien Felker

Vivien lives in Montana and is riding the learning curve of fly fishing and tagging her first turkey. In a time where public support for hunting is needed more than ever, she has a strong interest in exploring principles of conservation and ethics.

Taylor Balzano

Taylor was raised in the Rocky Mountains and spent every spare moment as a kid outside riding horses, but started hunting later in life with her boyfriend.

Katie Austin Payne

Katie is forever chasing God’s own heart, fast horses, big fish, smoking guns and the last of the Wild West.

Margie Nelson

Margie is based out of Livingston, Montana, and is a freelance, wild game cook, writer, and hunter. She owns Wyld Gourmet.

Sarah Honadel

If you love the outdoors, Sarah Honadel has you covered with fantastic photos for hunting, hiking, and travel. She’s actively involved with HuntressView. Side note, she has beautiful jewelry and accessories on Etsy!

Kayla Marie Smith

This Iowa woman, is a hunter, outdoor enthusiast and self-proclaimed archery addict. Check her out in action on her Instagram page.

Sara Stover Gamache | PNW Huntress

A proponent of archery hunting, Sara Stover is an army wife who loves to show off her advanced skills.

Ashley Rogers

Archer, photographer, and a lover of the outdoors, Ashley offers a page of beautiful photos.

Jen O’Hara

Founder of the female hunting clothing line ‘Girls with Guns Clothing,” Jen O’Hara is perfect to watch as you scroll.

Lauren Hill

Founder of ReelCamo Girl, Lauren works for SCI and is a leader in the wildlife conservation space.

Kari Hirschberger

Kari is based out of Washington state and is a career wildland firefighter and part-time marine mammal scientist. 

Lindsay Persico

Lindsay is based out of Missoula, Montana. She is a wife, mother of three, outdoor writer, speaker, fitness fanatic, and winning survivalist on the History Channel's Alone the Beast survival series.

Madison Snyder

Madison is based out of Montana and is an avid hunter and outdoorswoman.

McKenzie Nield

McKenzie is from a small town in Wyoming, raising her babies to love the adventure of the hunt.

Megan Thrash

Megan is a fish and wildlife technician in Northwest Montana and co-founder of She Hunts Montana.

Sereena Thompson

Sereena is a digital marketing expert for CarbonTV and Girls With Guns Clothing, owner of Nature’s Paint, and the creator of The Successful Hunters online course.

Brittany Boddington

Brittany is a hunter, conservationist, and CEO of She Hunts.

Tana Hoffman

Tana is the founder of, a premium, women-specific gear rental service based out of western Wyoming.

Influential Female Hunters:: Women of the World

Chelsea Hansler | Clyde and Rose

Chelsea’s talent is amazing to watch through her ‘Gram. She lives a simple, country life by hunting, gathering, and growing her own food.

ReelCamo Girl

ReelCamo Girl is all about women who share a passion for the outdoors. If you aren’t involved with RCG yet, use their hashtags (#earnyourwild and #reelcamogirl) and they may repost!

Huntress View

This group of women gives hunting a female perspective. Huntress View is one of the top sites and accounts. You can use their hashtags (#HuntMoreWorryLess and #huntressview) to be featured!

Women’s Outdoor News

This page aims to give women all the outdoor news, tips, and updates, along with some fantastic photos from their audience. You use their hashtag (#WONphoto) for a chance to be featured.

She Huntress

She Huntress is a page specifically made to celebrate women who hunt and love to tell their tales about it. Use their hashtag (#shehuntress) for a chance to be featured on their page.

Amanda Lynn Mayhew

A Canadian multitasker with many passions, Amanda’s biggest loves are fitness, hunting, and the outdoors. While you’re at it, watch out for her beautiful red hair.

Bea Alcoya

Bea is a Spanish hunter who teaches a true love of hunting to her son.

Adventuress Magazine

A dedicated page that specifically caters to female outdoor enthusiasts who love fishing and hunting. Use their hashtag (#betheadventuress) for a chance to be featured.


This Hungarian huntress shows off her outdoor adventures by camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and cooking up some delicious game meals.

Ashlee Strange

Ashlee is based in New Zealand, a keen hunter, mother, and outdoorswoman.

Jen Shears

Jen is based out of Newfoundland Canada and is a juggler of businesses, family, travel, hunting, poker, chaos, hilarity, and fun.

Rachel Ahtila

Rachel Ahtila is a hunting guide based out of British Columbia, Canada, who is a publisher author, equestrian, and entrepreneur.

Sammi Holland

Sammi is based in a small town on the South Island of New Zealand and runs a rural mowing company with her parents.

Steph Manteufel

Steph is based out of Alberta, Canada. Together with her husband, she helps run their outfitting business, Top of The Flyway Outfitters, in the northernmost agricultural staging grounds in Canada.

There you have it. The most influential female hunters on Instagram. Are you following them all? Who else is a must-follow?

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