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My name is Kailey Todoroff. I grew up in Eastern Montana on a small ranch. I have been hunting and adventuring from a young age. I started deer hunting at age 12 with my rifle. I just started archery hunting this past year. I completed a solo whitetail deer hunt in 2019 and completed a solo pronghorn hunt in 2020. Some of my hobbies include hiking, fishing, hunting, gardening, scrapbooking, hanging out with family and pets as well as adventuring with my husband. In June 2020 I started a new career as Soil Conservationist at NRCS in Glasgow, MT.

This female hunter feature is for Kailey Todoroff. Here we go!

Kailey Todoroff

Why do you hunt?

One reason I enjoy hunting is because it’s a way I connect with nature. Hunting also creates a stronger bond with family and friends while keeping the wildlife population at healthy levels.

When was your first hunting experience and how old were you?

My grandpa was the person that taught me how to hunt. He said if I could get my deer with one shot then I could have his gun! I got the gun!

What do you love most about hunting and spending time in the outdoors?

Spending time outdoors is my favorite activity! I love finding sheds, fossils, and rocks! It boosts my mood and brightens my day!

What is your most memorable hunting experience?

On my first-ever pronghorn solo hunt I walked 10 miles and was ready to give up. I finally spotted the antelope in the distance and started the stock down the hill. It was a windy day but I placed my scope to the left and fired! I got my first solo pronghorn buck on a windy day at 218 yards!

Kailey Todoroff

Do you have a favorite wild game recipe?

I enjoy smoking deer backstraps and adding veggies for a meal!

Do you have a dream hunting excursion?

Yes, I would enjoy hunting caribou in Alaska.

What would you say to other women who haven’t tried hunting or spending time outdoors yet?

A day in the outdoors is never wasted!! Start your adventure today!

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Sharing is Caring

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