Hunting with a Baby: Products You Need

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It isn’t an option for every family and certain circumstances can change a lifestyle in a big way, but I have always wanted to make sure that as a parent, I wouldn’t quit doing things I love just because I was a parent. It just takes an extra bag or two to get things done now. And a lot more time!

My first baby was just born this summer in June. After a couple of months of getting my health back in order and learning how to care for her, hunting season came upon us. The last thing I wanted to do was stay home. 

If you are hunting with your baby in tow, there are a couple of products I have purchased and use that have made scouting and hunting in the summer in Arizona doable with a baby. 

The stroller seat liner: Around $16 on Amazon, this can be folded, cut, or tied to fit the stroller or seat that the little one sits in or lays on. It helps keep airflow under or behind them to help them from overheating where they sit. 

A portable fan: Thank goodness for great finds at Walmart. A couple of batteries and this thing will sit, prop, or hang anywhere to provide hours of airflow in three different settings. 

baby products for hunting

A cooler lunch box for keeping a bottle at temp whether warm or cold: It has room for ice packs and two bottles or accessories. There are also plenty of options for attaching the pouch to anything you need, so it doesn’t tip or get lost. Plus, some fun patches can be added for conversion starters. 

And that stack of koozies in the back of the junk drawer? Keep bottles from sweating while holding them and help insulate the contents on super-hot days. 

hunting with a baby in tow

Now, if the little one cooperates, you might get some good hunting in. So far, my daughter has watched a deer jump the string when I flung an arrow at him. She’s called in a bull elk calf with her squeaks, and she’s helped a friend on an archery antelope hunt. So far, when she’s in the woods, arrows are flying.

Let’s hope her good luck stays with us. I know I’m looking forward to many years to come of taking her on adventures with us. 

Sharing is Caring

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