Hunting with Hounds:: Terms and Definitions to Learn NOW!

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With any skill, hobby, or sport there is generally a unique set of terms, definitions, and phrases that come along with it. Hunting with hounds is no exception. Perhaps you are new to the hound world or maybe you just want to know what the heck the houndsmen in your life are talking about. Either way, here’s a quick guide to decipher your next conversation with a houndsman or woman. 

Hunting with Hounds

Hunting with Hounds Terminology You Should Know

Backtrack: used when the dog is running the track in the wrong direction from where the game has traveled.

Baying: when the dog has the game on the ground, is looking at it, and barking.

Cold nose: a dog that can smell an old track that had been made earlier that does not have much scent to it.

Hot nose: used to describe a dog that will only work a fresh track that was recently made.

Locate: finding the tree that the game is in. Also, the announcement of the tree by the dog.

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Loose mouth: opens for no reason, without smelling any scent.

Scent drag: a drag, usually made of cloth, with scent on it and dragged across the ground to lay a scent trail for training purposes.

Silent: runs a track without barking.

Slick tree: when the dog trees at the tree and there is no game in that tree.

Strike: when the dog barks or opens when it smells a track.

Tight mouth: does not open much on track.

Track: scent trail left by game animal.

Treed, Tree bark: when the dog is at the tree with game in it and barking.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hunting with Hounds

What do people hunt with hounds?

People hunt a variety of game with hounds, including foxes, rabbits, deer, and raccoons.

What classifies a dog as a hound?

Hounds are a type of hunting dog that is typically used for tracking game. They have a keen sense of smell and are known for their persistence in following a scent.

Are hounds different from dogs?

Yes, hounds are a specific type of dog breed that has been bred for hunting purposes. They are known for their distinctive howl and their ability to track game.

Are hounds hunting?

Yes, hounds are primarily used for hunting purposes. They are trained to track and pursue game, often working in packs to corner and catch their prey.

These terms only scratch the surface of hunting with hounds but you’ll be well on your way to understanding the hunt. 

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