The Ultimate Kill Kit Checklist for Every Hunter

Jess Kinamon // March 31

My kill kit is one of the most essential things I carry in my pack while hunting. A kill kit is basically a bag I keep in the outside pocket of my hunting pack so it’s easy to get to. This kill kit includes all the necessities for when an animal is harvested and down in the field. It keeps me from looking through my whole pack to gather my items since it’s all consolidated into one kit.

I prefer to use either a Kifaru or Marsupial pouch to keep all these items together, but when on a budget a gallon plastic freezer bag works just as well.

5 Items for Your Kill Kit 

Hunting License and Game Tag

Legally, one of the first things I do in my state is to attach my tag to the animal. Each state is different as far as tags go. However, I always like to have a “hard copy” of all of my tags and licenses. Digital isn’t always 100% reliable. I keep all of my paper copies in a small sandwich bag in my kill kit to keep them together and prevent any damage to them. 

Kill Kit Checklist

Electrical Tape

Electrical tape is a great way to attach a tag to an animal. It holds up well against all the elements and will keep the tag secured tightly. When in the field, little to no risk is preferred that a tag might fall off the animal in the process. So keeping it tight and secure is huge.


When field dressing a game animal, we all need knives. Everybody has different preferences as far as knives go. Havalon and Outdoor Edge replaceable blade knives are an absolute go-to. They ensure that a surgically sharp blade is accessible at all times. A fixed-blade knife is incredibly reliable for those tougher-to-break-down areas and ensure you’ll have plenty of meat behind your edge. 

kill kit

Rubber/Latex Gloves

Gloves are always great to have, especially for tasks such as removing scent glands. They keep hands clean during field dressing and can easily be put on or taken off. There is always a worry about different diseases. Rubber gloves are a great step to take to avoid coming in contact with anything. 

Compressed Towels

Keeping clean in the field is a commodity and oftentimes difficult to do. Compressed towels are an efficient way to get clean without taking up too much space. All that is required is a splash of water. Amazon has tons of options and they can be bought in bulk. 

What do you keep in your kill kit?

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Jess grew up along the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana hunting elk, mule deer, whitetails, wolves, bears, and coyotes. She and her dad have been hunting together since day one and they have grown both physically and mentally. Jess knew at a young age that the outdoors were her passion and something she always wanted to pursue as a career. Mule deer and elk hunting are two things that she cannot live without, but she enjoys other things such as riding horses/packing mules, and painting with acrylics.