Sentry Tactical Review: Comfort Carry and HexGrip Holsters

Carly Brasseux // March 31

If you’re looking for gear for your next trip to the range or outdoor adventure, I recommend checking out Sentry tactical products. As I’ve recently started my EDC journey, I’ve also started trying out a few products to make it easier for me to carry. Here's our review of the Comfort Carry and HexGrip holsters.

Sentry Tactical Review

Sentry Comfort Carry Inside The Pant/Tuckable Holster Review

I’ve been “testing the everyday carry waters” with my Sig 238. The Comfort Carry is covered with anti-slip microfiber suede. This makes it comfortable for all-day wear. It is definitely not bulky like some other holsters I’ve tried. This one is sleeker and smaller for sure. 

It offers a unique angle adjust clip to ensure I can tuck my shirt over my gun for concealment. Open carry – sure, do your thing. I’m much more of a conceal-carry woman. I do tend to wear tighter clothes (jeans and leggings) and always do a French tuck (tucking in a shirt at the front while leaving the back loose and untucked at the sides) with my shirts to flatter my figure. 

Sentry Tactical Review Comfort Carry

How to check the correct fit of your firearm

As always, safety, safety, safety! Make sure safety is on, the magazine is removed and there are no bullets in the chamber. The holster should cover a majority of the frame and trigger. 

How to holster with an inside waistband:

If you are carrying IWB, insert the unchambered firearm into the holster, then insert holstered firearm into the waistband. Check all functions of the firearm after the holster is adjusted to your preference to ensure it is secure and functioning properly.

Sentry HexGrip IWB/Pocket Holster Review

My boyfriend carries a Glock 19 and he recently tried the HexGrip inside waistband holster. You will not get any slippage; that’s a promise! It has thousands of micro-replicated gripping fingers that cling to everything. Maximum hold = minimal effort. Because of the no-slip exterior, the holster doesn’t have any clips or loops. It uses the pressure of your waistband. The interior of the holster conforms to the shape of your firearm, while protecting and reducing friction. 

Make note that this has an ambidextrous design so it doesn’t matter if you’re left or right-handed. 

Sentry Tactical Review hex grip

Sentry Products Group Lifetime Warranty

Sentry offers a lifetime warranty. Because they design and build the highest-quality gear, it is built to perform and last. And they are so confident in their mission that they offer a lifetime guarantee of every. single. product.

Tell us. Have you tried any Sentry products? Did you find this review helpful?

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