Why Every Day Should Be Earth Day: A Call to Action

Bridget Blake // April 14

I am all in when it comes to conservation. Simply, conservation is the care of our natural resources. We have an obligation to preserve and protect the wonderful biodiversity on this planet. Why is it important? We as humans are part of an ecosystem. An unhealthy ecosystem that is not varied not only impacts those in the wild but life as we know it. With Earth Day right around the corner, make an extra effort to change daily practices to make our planet healthier.

Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day

What can you do to help? The possibilities are limitless. Get educated and get involved!! Here are a few ideas;

  • Turn off lights and choose energy-saving light bulbs.
  • Think about the water you use. Only do laundry when you have a full load or turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth. Even shortening your shower by just one minute saves over a hundred gallons of water.
  • Choose paper or cloth over plastic and reusable drinkware.
  • Unplug unused appliances.
  • Plant a tree. Heck, plant TWO trees. Do they grow you something you can eat?? Even better.
  • Host a recycle drive.
  • Take a composting or gardening class (they’re even available online).
  • Buy rainwater barrels and water your lawn.
  • Join an organization. Volunteering or donating to an organization dedicated to conservation is a great way to learn and give back. Like wetlands and/or ducks? Ducks Unlimited is a world leader in conservation and has preserved millions of acres. Prefer turkeys? Head over to the National Wild Turkey Federation. Another large national organization is Nature Conservancy or check out the American Daughters of Conservation. Check out your local state park and keep your services close to home. Pick your favorite thing and I guarantee there is an organization around it that needs you.

Spread the word!

Have an office Earth Day party and/or encourage your school or neighborhood to do the same. Make taking care of the Earth the thing to do.

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About the Author

Bridget Blake

Bridget Blake is a Nurse Practitioner and business consultant based out of Florida. With a life goal of a wasteLESS wilderness, she is a proponent of sustainability, natural living, and making sure her two kiddos grow up as free-range as possible. Although new to hunting, she is passionate about learning new skills and sharing them with those who also want to learn. Bridget is dedicated to becoming a wilderness expert and teaching others how to coexist with the world around them.