Road Trip Sleep: Tips to Sleep Better

Guest Contributor // April 26

Sleep is one of the most important roles in one’s health. A good night’s sleep is just as important as eating healthy and exercising. If you are on the road all the time or drive at night to travel for hunting trips, it may be hard to get a proper night’s sleep. Similarly, it may be difficult to know what to bring along to help achieve a good night’s sleep.

road trip sleep

Why Sleep is So Important

Without a decent night's sleep, you may experience:

  • A weakened immune system. If you are not properly rested your body is less likely to be able to properly fight off infections or repair itself from any sort of sickness. A weakened immune system can also lead to higher blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Slower reaction times. A bad night’s sleep can be the difference between fast enough reaction times when needing to stop. This is extra important when driving a truck since it takes a longer time to stop.
  • An inconsistent appetite. This can result in overeating or under-eating and feeling nauseous throughout the day.
  • A foggy mind. A foggy state of mind can lead to bad driving practices that may cause damage to your vehicle or physical harm to you.

Sleep is essential for proper driving. Here are some tips to get the best sleep possible while out on the road:

  1. Sleep on a Comfortable Mattress:

Where you sleep can definitely impact how well you sleep. Invest in a high-quality mattress, such as a memory foam RV mattress, which provides great benefits for your sleeping habits. Along with a comfortable mattress, be sure to bring along comfortable pillows and blankets to add to relaxing sleep.

  1. Use Earplugs:

Noise on the road can be very distracting when you are trying to get rest. Foam or plastic earplugs, or even some type of headphones, can contribute to a better night’s sleep. If earplugs are not your thing, a fan or white noise machine can also do the trick to block out any unwanted noise. Set your phone to do not disturb to limit possible notifications.

  1. Block Unwanted Light:

Similar to undesired noise, light can distract you from well-rested sleep. Use a sunshade or some way to block the light coming in through your windshield if light bothers you while you sleep. If your vehicle has many windows, curtains or window covers may also be a smart idea to bring. Lastly, an eye mask can be a great way to block out unwanted light.

  1. Find a Safe and Quiet Place To Park:

Park your vehicle somewhere you know is safe to bring peace of mind when trying to get rest. Then you know you and your vehicle are safe and you don’t need to be anxious when trying to get rest.

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  1. Keep Your Truck a Temperature That is Comfortable For You:

When you sleep in temperatures that are too warm or too cold, you will spend your whole night frustrated that you cannot sleep. It is important to find the perfect temperature to promote a good night's sleep.

  1. What to Eat Before You Sleep:

Avoiding sugary foods and caffeinated beverages is a smart decision before trying to get some rest since it can keep you awake longer than you would like.

  1. De-stress Before You Sleep:

Before trying to fall asleep, try reading or watching tv, or doing a calming activity you enjoy. This provides relaxation to your body and mind, contributing to better rest.

  1. Keep to a Nighttime Routine:

Whatever that nighttime routine may involve, such as brushing your teeth and changing into some comfortable clothes, it is beneficial to a night of good sleep. Sticking to a consistent routine can help remind your body you are preparing for bed, and that it is time to relax.

Sleep is an essential part of day-to-day life. It provides you with the proper state of mind to function correctly and perform your daily activities. Consider practicing some of these options.

Get the best night’s sleep when you are out on the road!

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