6 Mistakes Men Make When Hunting with Women

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“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Blunder. Mistake. Faux pas. You name it. Hunting is definitely a male-dominated sport. I think most men love a woman who shows interest, asks questions, and is willing to go outdoors.

However, men can make a few mistakes when hunting with women.

Acting like they know it all: Yes, maybe a man has been hunting his whole life, but it doesn’t mean that a female isn’t a hunter herself or has at least been around hunters.

Acting like we know nothing: Maybe some women haven’t hunted their whole lives, but we can all agree that a woman’s sixth sense and questions are something to stay attuned to.

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6 Mistakes Men Make When Hunting with Women

Not listening to questions and advice: Just because a woman is, well, a woman, doesn’t mean she can’t offer a new perspective or ask a legit question.

Putting us in the wrong gear: We don’t need the same gun as a man. We don’t need the same apparel as a man. We need gear made for a woman’s body. We need a gun made for a woman’s form.

Not teaching the basics and fundamentals of shooting: Slow down. Teach us. Give us time, and room, to learn. Definitely, big mistakes men make when they hunt with women!

Putting us in “boring” situations: If a lady likes action, do NOT sit her in a stand in the freezing cold for hours. It’s boring and will turn her off to the sport.

What are the biggest mistakes men make when they hunt with women?

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Sharing is Caring

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