Hunting “Pro Staff”: What Does it Mean?

Susie Busta // March 31

What do you think of when you hear a hunter state they are a “Pro Staff”? Does it send cringes down your spine? Do you roll your eyes? Or do you congratulate them and genuinely feel proud of them?

hunting pro staff

The title Pro Staff for those in the hunting industry over the years has become a title that has often earned a bad reputation among those in the outdoors community. Many believe that being a Pro Staff is a lot of work for little or no benefit. Those who are proud of being a Pro Staff member are just trying to glorify what they are doing in the outdoors; that they aren’t true outdoorsmen.

Admittingly, I sometimes cringe at the Pro Staff title when I see it under one’s pictures or in one’s articles. And this is coming from a person who is a Pro Staff.

And I know exactly why I do it. I cringe because of what I’ve seen on social media from those who belittle others and proudly show they are a Pro Staff member. It has become a learned reaction. I know how many companies treat their Pro Staff members, requiring a lot of work for very little, or no, benefit. But I also know that there are companies who treat their Pro Staff team as if they are part of their family. Thankfully, I am a part of some of those companies.

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So why are some so hard on those who openly show they are Pro Staff? Jealous, envious, mad, and annoyed could be some of the reasons. There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone promoting a product or company they believe in. If they want to put in the work and know what they are getting out of it – let them. The thing to remember is that not everyone does everything outdoors like you. Some love taking pictures, some love watching, some love promoting the products they use, some are paid to promote, and others go out and just enjoy the outdoors without promoting. All of those are fine!

The great thing about the outdoors is that you can enjoy it (respectfully) how you want to. The great thing about social media is that it is your social media. If you want to blast it from the rooftops that you are a Pro Staff, do it. Being proud of something that you accomplished is share-worthy, and that goes for a lot of things.

What do you think of those hunters who are Pro Staff?

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