Why I Wear Makeup in the Outdoors

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I had this question on my Instagram post when I was just starting to grow my account. I admit I was a little offended by it. How dare someone ask me why I do the things I do. It is none of their business if I put on makeup before I hunt or not. It doesn’t hurt anyone!  Don’t question me!  Those were a few of the thoughts that ran through my mind, and I’m sure I answered that comment with a snippy remark. I find, there are two sides to wearing makeup in the outdoors.

  1. Those who view wearing makeup in the outdoors as a complete no, no, find that it makes women less “outdoorsy” or just can’t wrap their minds around why women do it.
  2. Those who view it as, if it doesn’t hurt anyone and it makes you feel good, then go ahead and do it.
wearing makeup in the outdoors

Outdoor activities were once only male-oriented. The man went out and hunted, gathered, and provided for his family. I have found quite a few who question makeup in outdoor pictures are typically male. While viewpoints may range from not appreciating that women have become more involved in the outdoors and bring femininity to it, others view the application of makeup before outdoor activities as something that just isn’t necessary. They don’t understand the purpose of applying eyeliner before sitting alone in a tree stand. And hey, I get it!

As I type this, it almost makes no sense. Who is going to see you? Then I think of this approach – “look good, feel good”. Just as some like to have a flashy bow because it makes them feel good about going out to hunt, some women like to apply makeup because it makes them feel good about going out to hunt.

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What did I take away from that comment on my Instagram so many years ago and what do I take away now that I am older (and hopefully) wiser? You will not always have the same views and positions on what people think or do in life. Does that make them wrong and you right, or you wrong and them right? No. It makes you human. As outdoors women and men, we should respect the fact that not everyone is going to see eye to eye on how things are done. And as such, we should respect the fact that some women choose to wear makeup when they go hunt, fish, trap, explore, etc.

Do you wear makeup in the outdoors?

Sharing is Caring

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