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Susie Busta

Motherhood: No Need to Leave Behind Your Hunting Life

Motherhood. The life event that comes with no instruction manual. There is no one size fits all for motherhood. There isn’t a book that will tell you exactly how life will play out after the arrival of your little one. And there sure is no manual that tells you how to raise your child. When I was pregnant, I searched for a book that would tell me what to expect while I was delivering. I just wanted something real, something that would tell it like

Carly Brasseux

Female Hunter Feature: Lindsay Persico

This Female Hunter Feature is for Lindsay Persico. Here we go! My name is Lindsay Persico. I live in Montana with my three little kiddos and my sweet husband. I stay at home and take care of managing the household and in my spare time I pursue my love of hunting and all aspects of outdoor life. Processing game, hiking, fitness, shooting, fishing and camping are just some of the interests I find myself enjoying. I started my blog because I wanted to share my

Victoria Tavares

Hunting Day Pack: Staying Hydrated and Fueled

I often find myself with just enough time for single day hunting. Never enough time and space for a weekend hunting trip! When I’m faced with these short trips, I make sure I have the essentials with me in my day pack for a quick, successful trip. What to Carry in Your Hunting Day Pack Water First and foremost we need water for hydration. One of the heaviest things we might carry in our day pack will be water. Most of us will need more

hunting dogs
Chelsea Hansler

Training Your Dog To Hunt: The Puppy Stage {Part 1}

You pick out your new hound puppy and start to imagine your future hunts,  racing through the woods in pursuit of a black bear. What you may not realize, is that there is a long way to go before that doe-eyed puppy becomes the bear dog that you strive for. So, where to even start?  Everyone has their own methods and reasons to the way they train, and as always, I can only speak from our own experiences. Training your puppy to hunt  Building Drive  From

Carly Brasseux

Female Hunter Feature: Barbara Baird

This Female Hunter Feature is for Barbara Baird. Here we go! Barbara Baird publishes Women’s Outdoor News, an online publication, and writes for several firearms, travel, and outdoor publications. She is a contributing editor at SHOT Business and SHOT Daily magazines, and the managing editor for the new SilencerCo blog. Barbara’s business, DISA LLC, also manages social media and designs websites for outdoor industryclientele. Her daughter, Jackie Richardson, is her business partner and does all the design work, as well as editing and writing. Barbara


A determined and passionate freelance outdoor writer, published author, business owner and social media/marketing consultant.

Katherine is a freelance writer and editor based in Dallas, TX.  She and her husband have been married for 15 years, and have two sons.  Katherine holds a master’s degree in communication and leadership from Gonzaga University, and earned her bachelor of arts from Southern Methodist University.

Amy Hall is a hunter, wife and mother and podcaster for Her Wild Outdoors and Miss Pursuit. Whether hunting solo or hunting as a group of women, she has enjoyed the outdoors her whole life and got into hunting within the past six years. The best part of podcasting for Amy is the ability to bring people together through relatable stories to draw the divide closer.

Hunter, mother, wife, artist, gardener, homesteader; these are a few of the titles that best describe her.

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