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Jaimie Robinson

Why I’m not a Trophy Hunter

Do you shoot for the meat or the rack? Are you hunting for your next trophy? Earlier this year, I shot the dominant male blackbuck on a ranch in Texas. I am proud to have shot a 21+ inch blackbuck but was disappointed when the meat hit the table. Blackbuck meat has the reputation of being one of the best exotic game meats and while still tasty, this one, in particular, was TOUGH. This was my first animal that most would consider a trophy, I

Katherine Hill

2020 Reader Survey: Share Your Feedback & Win!

Miss Pursuit is igniting a passion for the outdoors in all women and sharing the intimate journey of women’s pursuits and their love for the outdoors. But as more women discover hunting, fishing, and the outdoors, we want to make sure we provide you with the adventurous content you want to read, listen to, and watch! We want to create and produce great content for you, but we need to know more about you! Complete the Miss Pursuit Reader Survey! As a thank you, survey

Sammi Holland

Hunting Stories: The Red Stag Hunt

For my little brother Brandon’s 14th birthday, our family decided to surprise him and fulfill one of his dream hunts: hunting a red stag! A week before the big hunt was planned we took him out to our local range to build his confidence shooting the Tikka 7mm Rem mag out to five hundred yards. At this point, Brandon thought we were going to chase fallow bucks. Little did he know what surprise was in store for him!  The day before the big hunt Brandon

traditional archery
Madison Snyder

3 Ways to Get into Traditional Archery

Many Compound shooters and beginners in archery, see the appeal in the added challenge of shooting traditionally. It is a great way to reconnect with the land and animals you hunt, by eliminating extra gear and distractions. Just the stick, string, and what you place your aim on. Here are three ways to help you get started in traditional archery. Three Things to get you started with Traditional Archery Finding the right equipment. The first step is to find a bow, the biggest mistake beginners

eating clean
Victoria Tavares

Clean Up for Hunting Season

Are you gearing up for hunting season in the Fall? Or are you just tired of carrying around extra weight? Do you feel bloated? Run down? Or any other symptom that makes you think something isn’t right? How about a combination of things? Well, this article is all about eating CLEAN and what that means. Ten years ago I was introduced to the Eat Clean method of eating by a friend gearing up to participate in her first-ever bikini competition. I just couldn’t believe the


A determined and passionate freelance outdoor writer, published author, business owner and social media/marketing consultant.

Katherine is a freelance writer and editor based in Dallas, TX.  She and her husband have been married for 15 years, and have two sons.  Katherine holds a master’s degree in communication and leadership from Gonzaga University, and earned her bachelor of arts from Southern Methodist University.

Amy Hall is a hunter, wife and mother and podcaster for Her Wild Outdoors and Miss Pursuit. Whether hunting solo or hunting as a group of women, she has enjoyed the outdoors her whole life and got into hunting within the past six years. The best part of podcasting for Amy is the ability to bring people together through relatable stories to draw the divide closer.

Hunter, mother, wife, artist, gardener, homesteader; these are a few of the titles that best describe her.

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