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Jess Kinamon

Five Ways to Prepare for Antelope Season

Preparing for antelope season can be a super exciting time of the year. Many of us have gone through a long hot summer and can hardly wait for the kick-off of the season. Here are a few ways to get ready for the first opener of the year!  Preparing for Antelope Season Locating antelope: First things first, the best way to prep for a spot and stalk antelope is to locate groups of antelope. If you can have multiple groups picked out before the season

Victoria Tavares

The Solo Explorer: Tools for Hunting and Fishing

As a solo explorer who changes location frequently (about every thirteen weeks), I have to use the right tools for hunting and fishing to support my addiction! Because hunting seasons for whitetail and elk are in the fall, I spend much more time at my travel nurse locations focusing on fishing access. I recently shared fly fishing resources on Miss Pursuit, but for this article, I am sharing tools for hunting and fishing. I’m not always certain I will be in the same location to

Carly Brasseux

Female Hunter Feature: Margie Nelson

This Female Hunter Feature is for Margie Nelson. Here we go! Margie Nelson was born and raised in Livingston, Montana.  She spent her early years in love with the outdoors, particularly all things in the water, which lead her to an education in Marine Biology and Oceanography.  But her heart always brought her back to the Mountains. Growing up outdoors in Montana, hunting and fishing afforded her many different skill sets.  She has taken her skills as a provider and now spends most of her

Kim Bryant

How to Grow a Garden from a Pack of Seeds

It all began as a homeschool project for my daughter. I grew up helping in our garden, but I have never grown a garden from a pack of Dollar Store seeds in an egg carton covered in a bread bag, transferred to a Styrofoam cooler until this project. The look on my daughter’s face and my own excitement when we actually began to see the seeds sprouting after transplanting and picking our vegetables, has given my daughter so much confidence! She is so proud of our

new hunters
Jaimie Robinson

Five Tips for New Hunters

If you are new to hunting, don’t let your novice status stop you from building your confidence. Each time you get out and hunt, you learn new lessons for your next hunting excursion. Tips for New Hunters: Don’t be afraid to ask why? Women often get a bad reputation for talking all the time. In the correct time, not when a bull/buck/whatever is standing there, your hunting partners by and large will appreciate that you are interested in what is going on. Asking why prepares


A determined and passionate freelance outdoor writer, published author, business owner and social media/marketing consultant.

Katherine is a freelance writer and editor based in Dallas, TX.  She and her husband have been married for 15 years, and have two sons.  Katherine holds a master’s degree in communication and leadership from Gonzaga University, and earned her bachelor of arts from Southern Methodist University.

Amy Hall is a hunter, wife and mother and podcaster for Her Wild Outdoors and Miss Pursuit. Whether hunting solo or hunting as a group of women, she has enjoyed the outdoors her whole life and got into hunting within the past six years. The best part of podcasting for Amy is the ability to bring people together through relatable stories to draw the divide closer.

Hunter, mother, wife, artist, gardener, homesteader; these are a few of the titles that best describe her.

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