Country Songs to Add to Your Hunting and Fishing Playlist

Vivien Felker // April 18

When it comes to hunting and fishing, the experience is not just about the hunt or catch, it's about the adventure, memories, camaraderie, and shared love for the outdoors. Music has a special ability to capture these moments, and country songs have a special knack for bringing to life the sights, sounds, and emotions of our time outdoors.

Country Songs to Add to Your Hunting and Fishing Playlist

In this list of country songs, you'll get a playlist tailor-made for hunters and anglers.

“The Rut” by the Turnpike Troubadours

In “The Rut” the lead singer paints a picture of an elk hunting scene so clearly in your head you’ll feel as though you’re on the hunt with him. The rugged undertone of the sound pairs well with the imagery of riding through “dry backcountry aspens” in the early fall while “watching the pack mule panniers” to create a song that's certain to electrify any die-hard elk hunter.

My favorite lyrics:

The bull had come in tight and he was screamin' in dark timber
I could see his brown eyes movin', hear him breathin' as he wheeled But tomorrow full of promise, I just lived there in the moment

“The Bird Hunters” by the Turnpike Troubadours

This song is about a man returning to his old hunting grounds with a buddy after moving away from a relationship that has since ended. Accompanying them is a dog, Jim, that he gave to his friend when he moved to the city. The song takes you through the narrator's experience of returning to the hunt and is sure to strike a chord in the heart of anyone who feels they’d also be lost if their days no longer included a bird dog and a field.

My favorite lyrics:

Well, the covey took wing, shotguns a-singin'
A pointing dog down in the old logging road
Danny got three and looked back a-grinning
I fumbled and I tried to reload

The country was cold with the sun westward sinking
It's good to be back in this place
With my hands around a Belgian made Browning
My mind on the lines of her face

“Boy and a Bird Dog” by Colby Acuff

This song is downright fun. It has a catchy beat and absolutely deserves a listen on your way to a hunt. The song is about a dog and its owner enjoying each others' company on a hunt, or as Acuff puts it “just a boy living large with his old bird dog.” In the second verse of the song, the point of view changes from the owner to the dog, which is a really unique spin to express the dog's love for the hunt as well.

My favorite lyrics:

Well, he picked me last from a litter of ten
Who'd a thought a boy would be a dog's best friend? And if I bring the birds back, he'll scratch my ear And if I could, I'd spend every day out here

“Sam” by Sturgill Simpson

A real tearjerker. This song is short and dripping with melancholy as the narrator reflects on “Sam,” a hound dog that is no longer with him. He describes the dog's drive and the connection he had with him, which will speak to anyone who has experienced the bond between a sporting dog and his/her owner. Hope you have tissues handy.

My favorite lyrics:

He was a hound of hounds
He was the wonder of all walkers He loved howlin' at the moon
He loved treein' that raccoon Most of all, he was my best friend And he's gone too soon

“Sixty Days” by Matthew Huff

In the chorus of the song, Huff poignantly describes what all hunters know- some of the best hunting memories are found in the mundane details. For a duck hunter, this looks like setting decoys, getting to watch a good dog do what they love, and sharing quality time with the people you love.

My favorite lyrics:

It’s about more than dogs and trucks
Settin’ decoys and killin’ ducks
It’s precious time we spend out here
It’s kids’ first ducks and pups first retrieve
A shotgun daddy gave to me
Man I hope the birds work today
Cause you can make a lifetime of memories In those Sixty Days

Whether you're gearing up for a hunt or casting your line, let these songs be the soundtrack to your outdoor adventures.

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