Gear Review: Duracell Lights 350 Lumens Headlamp and Flashlight

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Walking to and from the blind. Hunting predators late at night. Measuring that trophy book buck when you get back to camp. Filleting the fish after a long day on the water. Hiking back to the cabin after you stayed out past dark. Skinning and quartering. We’ve all had these long nights and it sure makes the job hard without the right amount of light to help us see through the evening and darkness of night.

Duracell Lights 350 Lumens Headlamp and Flashlight offer durability, performance, and innovation for each of your adventures. We love that they are made of high-quality aluminum and have variable focus beams that adjust for whatever use you may have. Did we mention they all come with three AAA Duracell batteries??

Duracell Lights 350 Lumens Headlamp and Flashlight

Duracell 350 Lumens Focusing Headlamp: With high, low, and night vision modes, it also comes with a comfortable and adjustable head strap. When my hands are processing meat or full of gear, the headlamp offers the convenience I need. The Duracell LED Headlamp is also water-resistant for all the extreme weather conditions we put ourselves through.

Duracell 350 Lumens Focusing Flashlight: We love the high, low, and strobe light modes on this flashlight! It has an adjustable head to focus the beam so you can easily transition between wide and narrow lighting. For those looking to spotlight at a long distance, narrow the spotlight. If you are looking for larger lighting, you can widen the beam. It’s super lightweight to throw into any of your gear bags or pocket. We like to say it’s small but mighty!

There is one minor thing that we should note. It does NOT come with frustration-free packaging. Get your knife and sledgehammer ready to open these bad boys.

Whether you are a hiker, hunter, angler, or prepper, the Duracell 350 Lumens products are all your need in your toolkit to stay lit. If you like high-quality lights that don’t break or go dead when you need them the most, check them out!

Shine bright, my friends!

Sharing is Caring

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