How to Buy Hunting Gear: Tips to Find the Perfect Fit

Hannah Marcom // February 2

As women, we know the odds of finding clothes that fit perfectly are a lot like the odds of winning the lottery. It’s a challenge to find the right jeans or a little black dress. But finding great fitting hunting gear? That’s practically a never-ending mission.

4 Tips to Find the Perfect Fit: How to Buy Hunting Gear

The well-known phrase, “pink it and shrink it” has been used to describe women’s camo over the years. Essentially it means that women’s hunting clothing hasn’t always been created equal when compared to men’s versions. It didn’t cater to the different body types of women. Luckily, quality hunting gear for women of all shapes and sizes is becoming more readily available as the number of women in the outdoors continues to grow.

Finding a perfect fit is a very personal and different experience for each of us. These tips can put you on the path to finding your best fit:

Tips for Finding the Best-Fitting Hunting Gear

Look for Stretch!

We love yoga pants for a reason – they’re stretchy! Comfort and maintaining a large range of motion are extremely important when hunting. Look for an elastic band or some stretch in the waistline of your pants. This will help you hunt in different positions and all season long – even through the inevitable holiday weight gain. Stretch in shirts and jackets gives you the freedom to comfortably draw back your bow or get your firearm into position.

how to buy hunting gear
Pictured is the elastic waistband available on the SHE Outdoor Element II Pants

Adjustability is Your Friend

Gear with adjustable features allows you to customize the fit to your body. Adjustable inseams on pants are a game-changer. When pants drag on the ground it’s annoying. But, more importantly, can lead to tripping or slipping which could be dangerous. Adjustable gear isn’t just limited to the inseams of pants. Velcro adjustments are available in the waistband of pants and bibs as well as the sleeves of jackets to keep them secure at your wrist.

how to buy hunting gear
Pictured is the adjustable inseams on the DSG Outerwear Bexley Pants

The Dressing Room Test

If you’re trying on gear in a dressing room, put it to the test by making all the movements you often do while hunting. Sit, bend over, bend down, kneel, crouch, lift your hands up, stretch your hands out wide, and test the stretch across your shoulders by giving yourself a hug. You can also take a walk in the dressing room area to listen to the noise level of the fabric. Mimicking field use will help you determine your proper sizing and make purchasing decisions easier.


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Quality Matters and Keeps You Comfortable

When you find good quality gear it means you have something that keeps your experience enjoyable and comfortable in both hot and cold temperatures. Investing in hunting gear is truly that, an investment. There are great affordable options out there but, in most cases, you get what you pay for. If you’re having a hard time finding gear that fits properly, keeps you cool, keeps you warm, and keeps you comfortable it might be time to look for better quality pieces. Better quality often means more expensive but will likely last longer than just a couple of seasons. There are even some hunting gear companies that offer lifetime warranties.  

Finding your best fit for hunting gear is personal.

That means if wearing men’s sizes or not wearing camo at all works best for you, then that’s all that matters! Just get out there and enjoy your time hunting.

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