Kids’ Hunter Safety: Vital Guidelines

Bridget Blake // October 23

Indisputably, safety while hunting is the most important aspect of the activity. Add in children (or people in general) who can be what one may call “loose cannons,” and safety can be an even greater concern. Enter in: hunter safety. When should you start? How should it look? Hunter safety and general firearm awareness for children should be as standard as teaching a child not to put their hand on a hot stove. Like it or not, kids will be around these things, especially if you live an outdoor lifestyle. We want to make sure it's as safe as possible.

Here are some hunter safety tips to help create or maintain a safe home for our kids:

Tip #1: Show them the way! Be the role model you want your kids to follow and show them how to do things properly. Kids are curious by nature. It can be tempting to do things for them, but we must have tough discussions with our kids and allow them to experience them. This creates great family memories as well. 

hunter safety for kids

Tip #2: Let someone you trust show them. There are different ways to do things and sometimes it's better if your kids learn from someone (you) trust. Having your kids see it's just not you that believes these concepts are important, but it becomes normalized. Have them around other kids that are demonstrating good practices. I want to know as a momma when it comes a time my kids are going to be safe – no matter who they are out hunting with. Although I won't always be there to control every hunting situation they may be in, I can have the peace of mind that they will know different techniques and make the choice to hunt with those that will be safe as well.

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Tip #3: Hunter safety certification. I cannot rave enough about this. I begrudgingly signed the kiddos up for this because I knew it was important but didn’t want to take the time to do it. It’s a commitment having them do both the online and in-person portions – and it’s a lot of information. I was surprised, however, by how much they enjoyed the class, wanted to do well, and the information they picked up. Despite it being long, they did and learned so much. 

Kids should not be terrified of the idea of hunting or weapons. They should be comfortable with and educated on these topics. Now, my kids educate their friends (and even other adults,) on hunter safety. Can you say, “proud momma?”

Let’s teach our kids hunter safety and to be respectful and responsible to keep them safe as they grow.

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Bridget Blake

Bridget Blake is a Nurse Practitioner and business consultant based out of Florida. With a life goal of a wasteLESS wilderness, she is a proponent of sustainability, natural living, and making sure her two kiddos grow up as free-range as possible. Although new to hunting, she is passionate about learning new skills and sharing them with those who also want to learn. Bridget is dedicated to becoming a wilderness expert and teaching others how to coexist with the world around them.