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Women Who Hunt: A How-To Guide on Hunting Like a Girl


Within this 90+ page digital download, we’ll inform, inspire, connect, educate, and share the journey to becoming a hunter.

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Within Women Who Hunt, a one-of-a-kind digital download, you'll find basic information I couldn't seem to find as a new woman into the hunting world. 

You'll learn from some of the top women hunters and gain an understanding of the who, when, where, why, and how of hunting, conservation, and all things outdoors.

What I know makes this book different and credible is that it has perspectives from the top women in our sport. These experts have started, developed, and conquered the outdoor industry.

Within this 90+ page digital download, we'll inform, inspire, connect, educate and share the journey of becoming a woman who hunts.
  • Educate new and beginner women who hunt so they have a place to learn, where they will not be overwhelmed with the advanced and technical side of the outdoor world.
  • Provide information to women who want to get outside and not feel intimidated.
  • Inspire city girls and not-so-outdoorsy girls to be comfortable in the outdoors.
  • Connect non-outdoorsmen with an understanding of the true value of conservation and stewardship of our land and wildlife.
  • Encourage families to spend time outside.
  • Provide an educational setting where women of all walks and skill levels feel comfortable learning about the outside world.
A few things you’ll learn from women like Nikita Dalke, Deb Ferns, Amanda Lynn Mayhew, Andrea Crider, Mia Anstine, Girls with Guns, and Miss Pursuit Contributors:
  • Fundamentals including terminology you *must* know before going out in the field, what to know before buying your first handgun, the lowdown on scopes, ammo and ranges, archery for beginners, and so much more!
  • How to become an ethical hunter
  • What is conservation
  • The best gear and apparel – 16 pages of all things GEAR and CLOTHING every woman needs to know, including information from Andrea Crider from Huntress View, Callie Wolverton from Girls with Guns, and other experts! 
  • How to become an outdoor family 
  • Conscious Eating
  • Where to connect with outdoors advocates
  • Ways to maintain your health
  • Where to locate resources


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