Taiga Coolers Outdoes it for the Outdoor Lover

Hannah Marcom // July 12

No outdoor enthusiast’s list of summer essentials is complete without sunscreen and a cooler that’s filled with your favorite cold, refreshing beverages. It’s especially true that a quality cooler is necessary for avid hunters and anglers all year long. We need our coolers to deliver optimal storage for fish, wild game, and beverages at their desired temperatures for long periods of time.

It’s a tall order that American-made, veteran-owned, Taiga Coolers takes very seriously. This Texas-based company came from the innovative minds of two outdoorsmen who were tired of repurchasing cooler after cooler that couldn’t meet their needs. Sound familiar?

Taiga Coolers

Who are Taiga Coolers?

In 2013, John Hohenshelt and Adam Artho began their dream to produce premium coolers that are strong, durable, and complete with a lifetime limited warranty.  If you’re interested in specifics, these coolers were rigorously tested and designed with a tough, no-break polypropylene material, two-inch reinforced walls, and three inches of foam insulation for maximum temperature retention. All that means that a Taiga Cooler can deliver up to seven days of ice retention!

What truly sets Taiga Coolers apart though is their customization options. Most cooler companies offer their standard colors and might supply some fun limited edition, seasonal, or one-off designs that become highly sought after and a pain to try to acquire. Not Taiga – they allow you to customize nearly every part of the cooler. Create your cooler the way you want it, whether it’s monochromatic, multi-colored, or a camouflage pattern. You can even upload a photo or logo that they turn into a UV-protected, vinyl lid graphic giving you a one-of-a-kind, cooler than cool customized cooler.

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Why Taiga?

In my mind, a cooler is a cooler. It doesn’t help that every brand promises to be the best.  How do you know if you’re getting a cooler that is worth your hard-earned money? Well, that’s where a limited lifetime warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee comes in handy for Taiga Coolers. In addition to all of this, they’re creating an American-made product and producing it all locally with a less than 200-mile supply chain from start to finish. Lastly, they’re a veteran-owned company that supports veteran charities, events, and supplies discounts to their veteran customers. Those are certainly a few facts that can make you feel good about purchasing a Taiga Cooler.   

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