Top Female Anglers to Follow on Instagram

Carly Brasseux // April 14

Whether you’re a new, intermediate or advanced angler, this list of the top female anglers will keep you entertained for hours. Want to know how to buy your first rod and reel or learn fly-fishing basics? Maybe you're curious about ice-fishing or the best freshwater trout flies. These women are ones to follow to learn, grow, and get better!

Out of the 49 million Americans who go fishing, 17.7 million were women anglers casting their lines last year. Go join in, ladies!

Here’s our list of the top female anglers you need to follow on Instagram:

Lila Warren


Lila is a lifelong outdoorswoman and naturalist and grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia fishing, hunting, hiking, and canoeing with her parents. She's trained as a fisheries biologist with a Master of Science degree in Sportfish Management.

Hannah Kramer


Hannah is a Colorado native, special education teacher and passionate angler.

Brittany Bassett


Brittany is an all-around angler for fresh and salt water species.

Jennifer Smith


Jenn lives on her small-hobby farm outside of Fort Worth, TX, and pursues her passion for the outdoors through horseback riding, hunting, fishing, and traveling with her family.

Baylee Horner


Baylee is a southern girl out of Oklahoma. Her angling skills will make your daddy or boyfriend jealous!

Shelby Kilibarda

Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Shelby is an Environmental Scientist who spends most of her free time fishing and hunting.

Stephanie Ray


Stephanie is a Physical Therapist and Michigan outdoorswoman who loves to hunt, fish, exercise and spend time outdoors.

Megan Thrash


Megan is a fish and wildlife technician in Northwest Montana and co-founder of She Hunts Montana.

Susie Busta


Susie is based out of Minnesota and is an avid bowhunter, fisherwoman, and new mom.

Brittany Morino


Brittany is a California girl who loves going out to the lake and fishing. Did we mention she also makes ice cream?

Payton Hanssen


Proud angler and hunter, this New York girl shows you how to get wild.

Maggie Carsello


A keen fisherwoman, Maggie Carsello enjoys rippin’ lips all the while taking many beautiful photos along the way.

Bay Eleazer


Not only is Bay a softball gal, she's a bow fisher, and is studying wildlife biology. If you like seeing big fish, her page is perfect to follow.

Nicole Stone

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Nicole has been fishing since she was six years-old. She is an all-around angler and outdoor influencer.

Katie Austin Payne


Katie is forever chasing God’s own heart, fast horses, big fish, smoking guns, and the last of the Wild West.

Capt. Martha Spencer


Martha is co-host of Bayou Wild TV and a USCG Captain based out of Venice, LA.

Who is your favorite female angler?

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