Who I Am: A Passion for the Outdoors

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Thirty-one years ago, my passion for the outdoors started with oversized jackets and camo bibs. Diddy buckled my brother and me up every Friday to head to Halifax, NC. The Triangle Hunting Club in Halifax was our home away from home. 

As a kid, you only know the life that surrounds you. My life on the weekend was pine trees, swamps, four-wheelers, shotguns, and hunting. But let’s not forget, during the week I danced and cheered; the best of both worlds. 

As the years passed, the sleepovers started and so did the rumors. 

“She has a cemetery of animals in her house.”

“She is different.”

The identity factor took place and I was okay with it; I was who I was and there was no changing it. Some days were harder than others; let’s face it – people are mean. I quickly learned to use the comments as motivation and move on with time. 

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Sundays were gun days. We would leave the hunting club and make our way to Rose Hill Sporting Clays to shoot the course. Diddy competed in tournaments at a master level, so practice was a must (talk about setting the bar for my shooting skills!).

Those years built me and provided the foundation for my passion. 

In 2012, I was voted into the Wake County Wildlife Club as the only female member (WCWC is a private 501c4 all-volunteer organization dedicated to Wildlife and Natural Resources Conservation and Education). The excitement to finally be a member was at full steam. As years passed in the club, I was nominated to begin my journey on the board – starting with Secretary and ending as President. The knowledge gained within this organization has been endless. 

In 2020, I turned 32 years old, celebrated 10 years of marriage with my husband, and am raising the most amazing 7-year-old daughter. 

passion for the outdoors

I am blessed to travel the country sharing my passion for the outdoors through events and hunts. My time outdoors is my reflection of hard work and peace. Whether I am hunting with friends and family or by myself, I am always grateful for the gift in front of me and the passion that drives me to create a better environment. 

Those that personally know me, know that I take my role seriously and pride myself in sharing that passion with those around me. 

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Sharing is Caring

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