Wild Game Cookbooks EVERY Hunter Needs

Katherine Hill // June 26

Whether you're new to hunting or you've been filling tags for years, you know one of the benefits of hunting is putting good meat on your table. Honor the animal and the folks around your table with a delicious meal. Feed your people with the incredible recipes from these cookbooks that every hunter should have in their kitchen.

Wild Game Cookbooks Every Hunter Needs in their Kitchen

featured on Miss Pursuit in 2020. We love her new cookbook!

Hunt It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It by Haley Heathman

Wild game hunting and cooking enthusiast Haley Heathman shares her journey into the sport along with practical hunting advice, tips, and informative how-to recipes to “tame the game” out of meat in this easy hunting and cooking guide.

binge-watching ALL 8 seasons of MeatEater, we know you'll learn a thing or two from this cookbook. We also have this book listed in our Best Hunting Books article.

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The Lodge at Black Pearl Cookbook by Vicky Mullaney

Black Pearl Cookbook includes the story of raising and feeding a large hunting family. The book offers an array of delicious recipes and tips for both fresh game and seafood, along with plentiful and essential culinary creations for those who hunt in the grocery store!

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