Best Wild Game Chefs That’ll Blow Your Mind

We know conscious eating is all the rage and these chefs are creating recipes that will make you drool. From big-game to fish, hormone-free and wild animals are the best options for protein.

Grab a glass of wine and make sure to follow these wild game chefs:

Margie Nelson Website | Facebook | Instagram

Margie is based out of Livingston, Montana, and is a lifelong hunter. She is a freelance wild game cook, writer, and hunter. She also owns The Wyld Gourmet.

Danielle Prewett Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

As the MeatEater Wild Foods Contributing Editor, Danielle promotes eating wide and wholesome foods. Started as a passion project, she has found a way to express a meaningful way of life and to explore what it means to connect with your food.

Bri Van Scotter Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Bri Van Scotter is a professional chef, host of Wilderness to Table and advocates for conscious eating through hunting. The more she got into hunting the more passionate she became about our food system, conservation and land management. Her TV show can been viewed on iTunes and Amazon.

Stacy Lyn Harris Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Stacy is a believer that old recipes are tried and true, simple food is better, and great ingredients make great meals. The recipes you’ll find are accessible, easy, fresh, and beautiful — because beautiful food tastes better.

Who are your favorite wild game chefs?

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