Alone Outdoors: Items You Should Always Have On-Hand

When you go alone in the outdoors, what items should you always have on-hand and never leave at home? What is a must for ladies going out alone? With our current environment (*cough cough COVID-19 – but no, promise we don’t actually have that cough**), it’s more important than ever to get outdoors for special alone time. Decompress. Calm your emotions. Take a breath. Enjoy quiet.

alone outdoors

Whether you’re hiking, hunting, fishing, or camping, going outdoors alone is healthy and can be very safe, as long as you’re prepared. It’s not only for physical, emotional, and mental health, you’ll face your fears, challenge yourself, and gain new outdoor skills.

Be safe. Be prepared. Know your limits. Plan ahead and know your terrain. Start small. Remember not to wander off of trails or go out in the dark – unless you’re posting up early-morning for that big buck, of course. These tips will allow you to get outdoors – safely.

If you are scared to go out alone, what are you afraid of? The animals? Take time to learn more about that animal and understand how to defend yourself.

We asked a few women what is on their list, and we’ve got it for you.

Everything you should have on your next solo outdoor adventure:

Always remember, if you are alone outdoors, let someone know your destination and when you plan on returning.

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