Basic Firearms Features: What You MUST Know

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What do you have to know about firearms before buying and shooting one? This article will cover basic firearm features. I recently headed out to Lazy CK Ranch in the Texas Hill County for their Future Hunters Camp. I took my hunter’s education class (for the second time!) and want to share a few of those basic and fundamental topics we touched on.

You can never learn too much and it’s always great to have a refresher if needed. If you are new to hunting, have minimal exposure, or have been hunting for decades, but want a different way to learn more, the Lazy CK Ranch offers a Future Hunters camp where you not only have classroom instruction but in-the-field and hands-on learning, as well as the opportunity to harvest a doe. Interested? Email Carly Brasseux at carly {at} misspursuit {dot} com.

Basic Firearms Features

The basic features of most firearms include the stock, barrel, muzzle, action, safety, sight, trigger and trigger guard, and magazine.

Actions: What the heck is an action when referring to firearms?

The term refers to the type of trigger function it has (i.e., single-action, double-action, double-action-only, etc.), or it may refer to how a firearm is manipulated in order to insert ammunition into the firing chamber (break-action, bolt-action, lever-action, etc.)

Miss Pursuit Basic Firearms features

Common Actions on Rifles

  • Bolt Action
  • Lever Action
  • Pump Action
  • Semi-Automatic Action
  • Break (or Hinge) Action
Miss Pursuit Basic Firearms Features

Common Actions on Shotguns

  • Pump Action
  • Semi-Automatic Action
  • Bolt Action Repeater
  • Break Action with Single Barrell
  • Break Action Side-by-Side with Double Barrell
  • Break Action with Over-Under with Double Barrel

Safeties: What is a safety when referring to firearms?

The term refers to the mechanism used to help prevent the accidental discharge of a firearm, helping to ensure safer handling.

Common Safeties

  • Hammer Safety
  • Pivot Safety
  • Slide Safety
  • Cross-Bolt Safety

This is our list of what you have to know about firearms before buying and shooting one. For more resources, check out these articles:

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