Benefits of the Pro-Tracker Archery Bad Boys

Jess Kinamon // August 30
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It took a while for me to find a passion for archery, but I've made an effort to learn more and develop my skills. Though I am a relatively experienced hunter, I am constantly looking to improve and use eqipment that allows me to grow. I've been using the Bad Boys from Pro-Tracker Archery for a few months now, and here's what I really like about them.

Miss Pursuit Pro-Tracker Archery

Three Benefits You'll Get from the Pro-Tracker Archery Bad Boys

Boosts F.O.C. 

To start, FOC refers to the “front of center”, or how much weight you have in the front of the arrow compared to the total arrow weight. FOC helps assist with better and more penetration down range. It also assists your arrow down range, so rather than your arrow being pushed by your bow, it is also being pulled by the weight up front (the Bad Boy) which helps while shooting in more challenging situations, like with high wind. Bad boys make it easy and affordable to boost your FOC and allow you to fine tune for your specific archery set up. 

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More momentum/more weight

So many hunters jump on the band wagon of fast bows and fast arrows. However, when broken down, in many hunting situations heavier is better. By utilizing a heavier arrow, your bow may slow down, but your bow and shot will be quieter. A heavier arrow will also boost the momentum your arrow carries down range when it hits your target. Think of this analogy: a fast sports car and a semi truck travel the same speed and both hit a brick wall. Upon impact, the sports car will be destroyed and the brick wall will, mostly, remain intact. However, when the semi truck hits the wall, it will move through the wall and the damage to the truck will be minimal, but the wall with be in pieces. 

Miss Pursuit Pro-Tracker Archery

More and consistent pass-throughs

Now this one isn’t a guarantee. A lot of factors come into play with a pass-through on a game animal: the type of broadhead you use, the draw weight you pull, the animal you hunt, and of course where your shot placement is on the animal. In my opinion, FOC and momentum add more “wiggle room” to the shot as well as boost the likelihood of a pass through. With a high FOC/momentum arrow you may not have to worry as much about hitting a rib bone, or the dreaded scapula, as the arrow has a higher chance of passing through those tougher parts. Now a pass through on an animal is never guaranteed but if you can boost the odds of getting good penetration through the heart and lung area of the animal you're pursuing, why wouldn’t you take it?

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Jess Kinamon

Jess grew up along the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana hunting elk, mule deer, whitetails, wolves, bears, and coyotes. She and her dad have been hunting together since day one and they have grown both physically and mentally. Jess knew at a young age that the outdoors were her passion and something she always wanted to pursue as a career. Mule deer and elk hunting are two things that she cannot live without, but she enjoys other things such as riding horses/packing mules, and painting with acrylics.