Best Hunting Knife: The Miss Pursuit Guide

Carly Brasseux // February 16

best knives for hunting

If you're looking for the best outdoor knife or hunting knife, we've got you covered. An outdoorsman’s knife is one of the hardest-working tools in their pack. These are the knives our expert outdoorsmen turn to day in and day out.

Fixed vs. Folding Knife

Fixed Blade Knives are non-folding knives, without any moving parts, and are designed for many activities, including hunting, field dressing, butchering, survival, and more. These knives are extremely durable and many are designed for EDC (everyday carry).

Folding Knives have replaceable blades that fold and lock into place. Folding knives are not as strong as fixed blades and are more difficult to clean. They take up less space and are easier to carry. You also won't need to sharpen the blade but will replace it.

Miss Pursuit Guide to the Best Hunting Knives and Outdoor Knives

Our 2023 update includes a switch to the top spot. Outdoor Edge has edged out Havalon for the favored knife among our expert hunters. 

Outdoor Edge Knives/Tools

The goal of Outdoor Edge Knives/Tools is to combine functional design with the sharpest, best-edge holding steels, state-of-the-art production processes, and handcraftsmanship to create the finest quality knives and hand tools for the outdoors.

Our team uses the Wildlite butcher kit and the Razorlite.

What the Miss Pursuit team says:

The Outdoor Edge knives are affordable, easily accessible, and always sharp. I love that switching out the blade is so easy.

My favorite all around knife set! Works great for gutting and processing!

Havalon Knives

There is tight competition for the best knife for field use. The Havalon Piranta is a very close second and you certainly won't feel bad for sticking with your Havalon in the field. Havalon knives were created when its parent company, a surgical tools and specialty medical supplies distributor, discovered a market for their blades among hunters and taxidermists. Havalon continues to innovate with new handle styles, double-bladed models, and multi-tools.

The Havalon Piranta is a replaceable blade knife and is perfect for everyday use out in the field.

What the Miss Pursuit team says:

The Havalon knife is lightweight, super sharp, and precise. Perfect for field dressing and butchering. The scalpel blade and design of this knife make it extremely easy to clean!

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More Hunting and Outdoor Knives

  • Tyto knives are made from one solid piece of stainless steel or Titanium with no moving parts and are made with ultra-light, ultra-sharp replaceable blades. You'll find our team carrying the Tyto 1.1.
  • Gerber is “renowned as a master of knives and tools.” Their products are designed with specific activities in mind. The Randy Newberg EBS knife is the ultimate knife for cleaning game.
  • Benchmade knives are made for in-the-field dependability, no matter the conditions. You'll find our team carrying the Bugout, designed for the modern outdoor adventurer, and a fixed blade for hunting in any season.
  • Make sure to check out the Templar line of knives from Uppercut Tactical. These knives are affordable, customizable, and come in three sizes. You can choose your model, design, size, and blade.
  • SOG knives were created to pay tribute to the special ops unit that carried a unique combat knife into the jungle of Vietnam on covert missions. Check out the Ace and the new Aegis AT.

Shop these knives on our Amazon list!

  • Buck knives are modern pocket knives built for every day. They are easy to carry and always reliable. Buck favorites include the 110 Folding Hunter Knife112 Ranger® Knife, and the 119 Special® Knife.
  • Our Miss Pursuit anglers use Mister Twister electric knives for easily fileting fish.
  • Kestrel knives are trusted to be an ultralight knife that has made its way into backpacks around the world.
  • For the toughest of cuts, you can't just use an average blade. The Tac-Bladed is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet sturdy enough to slice through most materials. From its engraved wooden handle to its stainless steel blade, this is the ideal pocket knife for any job.

What hunting and outdoor knives do you carry and love?

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