Hunting Gear: What’s in your backpack?

I attended a Women In The Outdoors (WITO) mentored whitetail bow hunt through one of the New Jersey chapters of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) last year. One of the panel discussions reviewed what hunting gear the experienced ladies carried each and every time they went out hunting. I added a few items to my solo female adventurer backpack after that.

I don’t carry a purse anymore but my backpack is loaded with everything but the kitchen sink and I even carry several hygiene options.

I would consider my adventures and hunts pretty urban, so keeping that in mind I’m rarely over a mile from some sort of civilization. The only exception to that is when I hit one of the large wildlife management units (WMU) near me for antler hunting. 

Below is a list of the hunting gear currently in my backpack every time I venture out on my solo hunts and adventures.

I am rarely, if ever, in the company of another person on my outings.

Cell phone fully charged 

onx app installed and tracking

Hunting & fishing licenses

Whistle/compass clip

Headlamp with a full battery

Handgun with a loaded clip

Coping saw

Buck knife

Fixed blade knife

Knife set with gut hook blade and processor blade

Branch pruner

Game bags

Game calls

Bow release

Safety harness belt


Orange plastic tape

Blaze orange thin vest

Range finder


Hand/toe warmers

Emergency blanket: the silver compact type

Extra gloves and socks

Scent cover


GoGirl Female Urination Device

Hygiene wipes

Small snacks

Water bottle

Small first aid kit

Sim card reader for trail camera card

Extra batteries for trail camera

Pen to fill out harvest card 

gear in hunting pack

What hunting gear is in YOUR backpack?

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