Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) for Fishing: Live the Inflatable Life

Leslye Leslie // September 8

Catching fish is such a blast. Using a stand-up paddle board for fishing… even better! It is quite funny that if you fish from the shore, you want to cast farther or get just a little deeper more often than not. I was struggling with wanting to catch more fish and not feeling the price tag of buying a boat, so I did my research and chose a stand-up paddle board (SUP) for my fishing adventures.

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) for Fishing

How to choose a stand-up paddle board for fishing:

There are tons of choices and types of fishing crafts such as inflatable pontoons, float tubes, kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards. I went with a SUP that was long and wide with lots of straps and attachment points for my rod holders, cup holder, and fishing tackle box. I selected an iRocker Blackfin XL Ultra for myself.

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Why choose a stand-up paddle board for fishing:

By choosing an inflatable, I can drive my small SUV and even carry the backpack to get into a small hidden gem of a fishing hole. Options include the hand pump or an electric pump powered by the lighter adapter in my vehicle.

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) for Fishing

There is no feeling quite like dropping a line into the water and placing the rod into the holder on the board. I can then just paddle and enjoy while I troll the waters. The sharp bite of excitement is always epic when my rod bends with a fish on.

As a lady, many are frustrated by the idea of having a boat and having to manage the insanity of a loading ramp full of busy people getting in and out of the water. It is super intimidating to many, so if you can get out and enjoy the water without the grief of towing a boat and trailer, then I find that as a WIN!

Fishing with a Stand-Up Paddle Board:

It tickled me at one point to find that all of the boats out fishing on the lakes were casting toward the shore while the shore anglers were casting out about to the same spots. The fish often gravitate towards that middle ground between the water’s edge and deeper waters when the biting is great.  With the SUP, I can drop an anchor if I find an area that has a lot of fish. My fishfinder really does come in handy strapped to the board as well!

It was nerve-wracking at first to stand and cast, so I would frequently just kneel or sit on the board to hang out and fish. I am much more steady and practiced now, so I will alternate whenever I want.  Fishing SUPs often offer an inflatable kayak seat as well, so that provides yet another option for comfort to allow all-day fishing opportunities.

If you have ever wanted to try stand-up paddle boarding for fishing, please do. 

It is very relaxing and terrific exercise. Using a SUP as a fishing craft is also a very cost-effective way to get on the water and carry gear while not having the multitude of costs for a boat, fuel, insurance, truck, etc.

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) for Fishing

Here are some commonly asked questions about stand-up paddle boards for fishing:

Is a paddle board good for fishing?

Yes, paddle boards can be great for fishing. Their stability and quietness make them ideal for accessing shallow waters and sneaking up on fish. Many anglers find them enjoyable for a peaceful fishing experience.

Are inflatable paddle boards good for fishing?

Inflatable paddle boards are suitable for fishing as they offer portability and ease of transport. They are stable and durable, making them a practical choice for anglers who want to explore various fishing spots.

How do you rig a SUP for fishing?

To rig a stand-up paddle board (SUP) for fishing, attach fishing rod holders, a cooler or crate for storage, and consider adding a kayak-style seat for comfort. Accessorize with a tethered paddle holder and a tackle box for convenience.

Is fishing from a paddle board hard?

Fishing from a paddle board can be challenging for beginners due to the balance and paddling skills required. With practice, most people find it manageable and enjoyable. Choosing a stable SUP and calm waters can help ease the learning curve.

What is the difference between a paddle board and a stand up paddle board?

“Paddle board” and “stand up paddle board” are often used interchangeably. Both refer to the same watercraft, typically a long, narrow board designed for standing and paddling. There is no significant difference between the terms.

Is SUP harder than a kayak?

Learning to stand-up paddle (SUP) can be trickier initially due to balance, but it becomes easier with practice. Kayaking offers a seated position, making it more stable from the start. Ultimately, the difficulty depends on personal preference and experience.

What is the best paddle board to buy?

The best paddle board to buy depends on your preferences and intended use. Consider factors like board size, shape, material, and budget. Popular options include all-around, touring, and inflatable SUPs from reputable brands.

What are stand up paddle boards called?

Stand up paddle boards are commonly abbreviated as SUPs. This term is widely recognized in water sports and outdoor communities.

Fishing can surely bring a smile to your face, and even if the fish aren’t biting you get to move through the water and enjoy the day. Do some research and find out what might suit you best. You will be one happy angler if you can get out on the water!

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