Try Something New: Get Outside

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If you’re looking to try something new, I’d recommend getting outside! It’s so easy to get stuck doing the same activities we’ve either grown up doing or just know and love. Doing new things may not only lead you to find something more to love but also help you uplevel your current pastimes.

Start the year off with a bang and pledge to try something new outside each month. Here are some great ideas to get you started!

Harvest an animal: Have you always wanted to duck hunt or learn how to call a turkey? Do you wish to grow fruit, veggie, herbs, or flowers (or even just a cactus…)? What are you waiting for? Go for it. I highly recommend finding someone who can guide you in the endeavor so be on the lookout and make a new friend. People who are passionate about their hobbies are willing to spread the love.

Visit someplace new: Have an adventure. Be a tourist in your own town. Check out the top things to do or places to eat in your city and do them. Even if you’ve been there before, something or someone has changed since the last time. Enjoy the scenery. For a greater adventure, book a trip to somewhere new. Go solo or with a group. Make a pact to try something you have never done each day you’re there.

Switch it up: The cool thing about trying something new is that no one expects you to be good at it. If you normally go fishing on Sundays, perhaps rent a set of golf clubs and hit the range instead. Don’t know how to golf? Take a lesson, watch a YouTube video, or ask someone who does. If an organized sport is too much, start simple and go fishing on Thursday instead. Still too much? Maybe take someone new with YOU, spread the love, and teach a friend. There are many ways to flex your normal routine.

Try Something New

Swap bobbies with a friend: There’s a lot of joy in trying something new with someone you love. Ask a friend what their favorite outdoor activity is and join along. Even if it’s not 100 percent your thing, you’ll make memories with people you care about. Return the favor and ask them if there’s anything they’ve been wanting to do and teach/do it with them.

If you try something new, have fun! Pick one thing from this list or try them all. You may surprise yourself and have an experience that changes your life.

Sharing is Caring

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