Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Outdoor Lover

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Looking for a great Valentine’s Day gift for an outdoor lover? Here are my favorite items that anyone who spends time outside will love.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Five Star Camping Cot Sheet

Five Star Camping makes customized fitted sheets (adjustable in length and width) for any camp cot with a bar at each end. My cot is a simple one from Amazon that I use on occasion when we head out into Mother Nature.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Lover Of the Outdoors

The Lodge at Black Pearl Cookbook

I received a copy of the cookbook and was blown away by the amazing recipes. Victoria, the writer, is passionate about raising strong and healthy children, cooking for friends and family, and living an outdoor lifestyle. She encourages women to get outside and take their children with them and includes the story of raising a hunting family while cooking healthy and delicious meals.

{{Hunting Accessories: Jewelry for the Modern Hunter}}

Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Outdoor Lover
Gag Gifts for Hunters

Hunt Like A Girl E-Book

As more and more women get involved with hunting, it’s important that they have resources to gain knowledge about the basics. While there is a lot of information on the internet, it’s hard to find a single place to start which can be frustrating and overwhelming. Order today!

Hunt Like a Girl

Swanky Badger Whiskey Decanter

Gifts for men… ugh! Why are they so hard to buy for? Swanky Badger has a HUGE selection of gifts for men – they are sentimental but still “manly.” They have everything from wallets, watches, and decanters to cigar boxes and flasks. I personally loved this whiskey decanter with our last name and a quote engraved. Personalization is what really makes these gifts stand out.

Swanky Badger Whiskey Decanter

Minnetonka Women’s Classic Fringe Boot

Considering the competitive price and quality of these fringe boots, they’re a great addition to the list. Help your woman enjoy comfort and style in this handmade classic boot while enjoying the ultimate wonders of nature. Whether walking the dogs, grabbing a coffee, or taking a trip in the Hill Country, this Minnetonka boot is perfect.

Best Gifts for the Outdoorsman in Your Life

A Simplified Life Book

I’ve given this to myself (yes – I love giving myself gifts!), my mother-in-law, mom, friends, and co-workers. You’ll find strategies and methods for clearing up clutter and living intentionally for your home, finances, meal planning, and more!

Omaha Steaks

Nom, nom, nom. Man + steak = happy. Most of us probably have our freezers stocked with venison, but a good ol’ beef steak does the body good. Tender, aged, and fresh meat delivered right to your door.

Phone Skope

How many deer can a man take pictures of? Whelp, if you ask my boyfriend, there are never enough! He wants to take photos of what he sees in his spotting scope, from his binoculars, glassing canyons, you name it, he HAS to have a photo.

Phone Skopes are the BEST and another great item you can get for him. The thing is, you have to be careful to order EXACTLY the right product for his specific binos, phone, scope, etc. You’ll need to sneak into his huntin’ gear and take measurements to make sure you’re getting the EXACT right product.

Best Gifts for An Outdoorsy Woman

More Gift Ideas

I also love GSM products! Here are a few of my favorites:

If you’re out looking for a great Valentine’s Day gift for an outdoor lover, hopefully, you have a few new ideas. Find these Valentine’s Day gifts in the Miss Pursuit Amazon store

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