Laura Coppola

As an avid outdoorswoman, I am always up for new adventures. When my husband introduced me to hunting, I was hooked! After six years and hundreds of hours spent hunting, I am now able to introduce our young daughter to all nature has to offer. My family is based on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi so we have the luxury of adventuring through four seasons and the opportunity to hunt an abundance of wild game. I’m excited to be here to take with me through the struggles and triumphs of motherhood and the outdoors.

Why Do People Hunt?

Why do people hunt? I hunt for meat, for conservation, for economical advantage, and to become immersed in nature. So the next time you feel like judging a hunter, don’t assume they fill their tag just for the fun of it.  

Hunting Pregnant

Hunting Pregnant: The Caveats

Of the last four years of fall hunting, I have been pregnant for two of them. I thought I could share some of the fun times (or shall we say caveats) that come along with hunting while pregnant. 

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